DIY Vest # 1

As you all know, I'm addicted to vests and I love revamping my clothes so I took my brother's old shirt and turned it into a vest! It's super easy and no sewing needed! ♥

The needle and thread is optional. You can sew the vest if you want. =)

Take an old/unwanted shirt and cut the collar, sleeves and the back of the shirt.
Please refer to the photos above because I'm bad at giving instructions when I'm not in the mood. Super sorry guys. :(
Anyway, after that, use the excess fabrics of the shirt in tying the back of the shirt. (see seventh photo).
Lastly, cut vertically from the bottom end of the shirt to the collar part for the opening of the vest. Make sure that you cut it in the middle.
You can add embellishments if you like to make it prettier if you use plain shirts. Mine already has a print so I'm fine with it.

So that's it! :)
Really easy and no sweat! haha

Also, if you'll notice, the title of this DIY is "Vest # 1". It's because I made another vest in a different style so just keep coming back on my blog if you're interested. haha! Will publish it soon though you guys already saw me wearing it in Daddy's Girl. :)

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  1. Wow that's great to do with an old t-shirt that you don t like anymore,loved your idea!<3

  2. Hahahahaahah what an idea! Great!