Daddy's Girl

It was my Dad's birthday yesterday and this is what I wore! Decided to be a little boyish that day but I can't help myself but wear a mini skirt! haha. At around noon, we went to SM North Edsa for lunch then Daddy's Birthday Dinner in the evening with the whole family. (:

I'm just so happy that my Daddy supports me in my David Archuleta obsession. hahaha.
My brother was so embarrassed though. But c'mon, what's to be embarrassed about? The people at the mall don't know me naman eh! haha

My youngest brother was surprised to see that I was wearing my younger brother's Mint shirt. Huwell, they both don't wear it anymore so Big sister took it. HAHAHA. so yes, this shirt is mine now!! :) Have I ever told you that I love boy clothes? Seriously, I do. :))))

Cute mini backpack from Japan! =)
My half-Japanese and half-Filipina cousin gave this to me.

Made the vest myself! :)
Revamped an old black shirt and sew it manually because I don't have my own pink sewing machine. :( haha! If you're following me on twitter, you'll know about my moments while working on this vest. hehe.
Anyway, I'll do an entry about this DIY vest so if you're interested, just keep coming back to my blog or keep checking my DIYs! <3

The truth is, I already liked the idea of "Socks on flats" waaaaay before it became a trend but I never had the guts to try it. So watch out, because this is just the second of my incoming many socks on flats outfit! haha

I still can't define my style because I'm very eclectic when it comes to fashion and as well as in designing houses.  But one thing's for sure! Vests and caps are my thing! haha =D

Shirt: MINT
Denim Skirt:
Bag: GEARS (from Japan)
Flats: My school shoes
Socks: Brother's
Vest: DIY (Revamped shirt)
Mustache Necklace: c/o Personalized Accessories
Charm Bracelet: Forever 21
Cap: from the States

Anyway, here's the photo I made yesterday which I posted on facebook with a sweet message I composed for my daddy and I will just repost it here:

"Happy, Happy Birthday Daddy! I will always be your princess and your little girl.. and not to mention, your most favorite daughter! haha! :) I love you so much! :D Thanks for believing in me and for supporting me in all the things I do including the "hindi naman talaga mahalaga sa buhay" which is spazzing and going gaga over the other man in my life, David Archuleta. HAHAHA. Thank you Daddy and I love you soooooooo much! :DD"

Yes, indeed. I am a Daddy's Girl. =))

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  1. I love vests =)
    wanna follow each other??

  2. Happy birthday to your dad!! Sounds like fun :) Cute outfit!

  3. cute pics, I like your skirt:) xoxo

  4. Hi say your Dad happy birthday from Italy !and thank you for stopping by in my blog ^_^ eli

    1. @elisa dotcakes - I will. thank you sooo much! :)

  5. Cute, happy birthday to your dad ^^ following on Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and GFC! Follow me back ^^ Mina from the blog The Style Fever

  6. Cute :) Can we follow each other ?

  7. I just to know and your site is amazing and very original. Love it.
    I follow you now. Kisses from Madrid ¡¡tomorrow Fridayyy!!! ;D ♥ ♥

  8. i like the fact that you wore your younger brother's shirt and claiming it as your own - cool way to recycle

  9. I remember that skirt! It's either from Ruins or from World Trade Bazaar. :)

    1. Ate Jem! :) haha. Thank you for this skirt! hihi :DD