Tagaytay Summer 2012

Hello ladies and dudes! I'm back and summer's over. boooo. :P Anyway, my family visits Tagaytay like twice or thrice a year and that's where we bond, relax, and forget the busyness in the city. So, we welcomed the end of May by spending 3 days and 2 nights at our vacation house.

DAY 1- MAY 25

Cavite is not very far from Tagaytay so it hadn't been a long drive which was good. haha. We stopped-over at Robinson's Tagaytay and also at Mushroom Burger. Upon arriving at our vacation house, we just unloaded the cars and we immediately went to the village's club house and swam for the rest of the day!

At night, my cousins, brothers and I just bonded outside the house then watched 'Thor' before heading to bed.

DAY 2- MAY 26

Morning jamming as usual:

Then we painted the exterior walls of the house. I can't believe that they actually banned me from doing graffiti and stuff. hahaha :P

After painting, we washed up and remove the paints in our bodies at the pool. hahaha

I did another "ballerina on fire" photoshoot with my mom. Watch out for it, okay? hihihi. Then at night, we went to Robinson's Tagaytay and look who was there doing a mini concert:

Luke Mijares in the house ya'll!! haha. I'm not a fan so I just took one photo of him. Then we spent the rest of the night at Starbucks Tagayatay.

DAY 3- MAY 27

Bye Tagaytay! See you again.. soon! haha. But before we went back to Manila, we heard mass at the Little Souls Convent. I honestly like hearing mass here than in any other churches because everything is so solemn and peaceful. The communion rite is very respectful and at thesame time very beautiful because you must kneel and receive the body and blood of Christ with your tongue.Seriously, everytime I hear mass at the Little Souls, I am able to reflect more in my life.

We went to a famous wet market here in Tagaytay after the mass. But I don't know the name though. haha. And just to let you know, I was wearing a dress!

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  1. It seems you really had a good time*

  2. looks like you had a blast :) how i wish I could visit tagaytay too.

  3. what a wonderful photos
    you really having so much fun

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  5. hi Rae, seems like you had great fun! by the way, i don't see you in my list. :( can you try again? thanks. :) i see myself in your list, my name is Jen.


  6. thank you,i'm following you now,now its your turn ;)

  7. I always look forward to our tagaytay getaways! Tagaytay is such a relaxing place. :) Thanks for visiting my blog, dear. Sure, I'll follow you.



  8. I hope you have a nice days ! :)
    cool photos :)

  9. Sounds like great fun with the family!

  10. This looks so fun! Its great that you et to go there two or three times a year with the family and just get away and relax! I could totally use that little vacation right now!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  11. lovely photos, following you I hope u'll do the same

  12. Such a big family *_* seems that you gays re having too much fun


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