Shoot That Ball into the Summer Sky

I'm no professional photographer nor an advertising arts student but I believe that I am in line with these professions somehow. Practice makes perfect so I've decided to practice photography in any way possible to know how to get the right angles and lighting. I need to practice because I know that photography is a helpful skill in my Interior Design career especially in creating my design portfolio.

So I think this will be the start of my photography posts. :)

Day and Night Sky-gazing or whatever it's called (haha) gives me anunbelievable pleasure. It makes me feel like I can reach all my dreams in life.

The basketball players are my brothers and cousins. By the way, this is the only court I enjoy playing at. haha.

P.S. These photos are taken at Tagaytay. I hope you guys like the scenery because this post also serves as a sneak peak for my next post which is my Tagaytay vacay.

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  1. I miss the guys play basketball in the Philippines. It's so different here in the US! Btw, new follower:)

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    1. oh, so you are a Pinay! I knew it.haha:)
      anyway, i followed you back and i joined your giveaway :D

  2. Oh and yes, it's an international giveaway :)


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    xoxo, Alee

  6. great pictures. thanks for the lovely comment. Following you now. x angie