5 Essential Summer Bags


Who doesn't love summer, right? Summer time is that time of the season wherein you can go to the beach, go on vacation with your family and friends, go on a road trip, explore new places, and even have some "me time" at home or at the park and drink cool refreshments.

Of course this is also the time to dress comfortably. Most of the time, this season is where our laces and printed clothing mostly gets worn. And the right bag will complete your summer outfit. Aside from making sure that your bag needs to be functional enough, we also consider the style of the bags we wear. Whether it matches the color of your outfit or whether it compliments your shoes, a bag is always important for ladies like us as we carry all our essentials.

In this post, I have put together a list of essential summer bags, majority of which are from the brand romytisa

"Founded in 2020 by Romy Tisa (English Name), ChengDu Fanxin Technology Co., Ltd has come a long way from its beginnings. When Romy first started out, her passion for eco-friendly and trendy style fashion bags drove her to start her own business."

Read more about the brand here.

1. Braided Bag

The number 1 essential summer bag is of course, a braided bag. Most likely, this type of bag is handmade and that's what makes it extra beautiful. This style of bag is perfect from going to the beach to doing your groceries. It's that versatile. It goes so well also with any summer outfit.

Here's a braided bag I liked from the aforementioned brand:

Women's Braided Hobo Bags With Interior Pouch

Available in 4 colors, this bag has careful lining & stitching. It has an interior pouch so you don't expose your stuff and none of them will fall off while you're carrying this bag with you.

2. The Banig (woven / mat) Bag

The banig is a mat made of dried leaves and used primarily for sleeping and sitting in the Philippines. Widely practiced in the country, banig weaving is considered a genuine treasure handed down from generation to generation as a tradition or a trade. 

Now-a-days, banig weaving can be seen in the form of a bag, a pouf, a rug, etc.

bags from halohalo store

Women's Large Woven Tote Bags Brown

Women's Strap Trimmed Woven Travel Tote

Women's Handmade Two Tone Braided Tote Bags In Vegan Leather

Made of Vegan Leather, this bag was carefully braided. It has a solid top handle, has an extra shoulder strap, and also has an interior pouch.

Women's Braided Waist Bags Crossbody Bags

This crossbody bag is available in 4 colors. It's multi-function with solid adjustable strap. It also has a solid buckle closure. 

This bag looks like a suman (a rice cake in the Philippines) and I love that it looks like one. Definitely perfect for summer!

Women's Woven Tie Cloud Handbags In Genuine Leather

This bag is available in 7 colors and is made from genuine leather.

3. A Blue Bag That Reminds You of the Ocean

We associate summer with swimming and beaches, thus, a blue bag is an essential to remind as of the blue waves of the ocean and that it's already summer season.

Of course talking about a blue bag is just very broad as that will vary in shapes and sizes. But this blue hobo bags from Romytisa is gorgeous.

Women's Leather Shoulder Hobo Bags With Inner Bags

This hobo bag is available in 4 colors. It's made from genuine leather and has a high-quality soft interior bag. It has a solid top handle. The slouchy silhouette of a hobo bag makes this blue bag looks like the waves of the ocean.

4. Beach Bag

A beach bag is an essential for going to the beach. This will protect your stuff from the sun's heat and from getting wet while you sunbathe, and swim. Usually, this bag needs to be huge so it can carry all your things, including the bath towel.

Women's Large Fuzzy Tote Bags In Faux Wool

This fuzzy tote bag is made from vegan fabric. It has a warm soft design and a solid tie-up rope strap. 

5. Tote Bag

Tote bag is an essential not just this summer actually but on a regular basis as well. It's spacious and very functional. You can carry so much stuff with it.

tote bags from my own shop, raellacraft

Women's Canvas Hobo Bucket Tote Bags

This canvas bag is available in black and in white. It has a solid woven handle.

Women's Large Canvas Tote Bags With Shoulder Strap

Another Canvas Tote Bag, this one has a solid dual top handle. The tie-dye is also a must this summer.

Women's Genuine Leather Shopper Tote Bags With Shoulder Strap

There are different types of tote bag and leather bags are one of them. This genuine leather tote bag has a minimal vintage design and it's made from cowhide leather. It has an extra shoulder strap and this bag is available in 6 colors.

Women's Letter Print Clear Tote

This tote bag is made from high quality PVC. It's available in green and yellow.

So those are the 5 Essential Summer Bags. Since I live in a tropical country, I own several of these types of bags. They are not just functional but also very stylish, which I can pair with any outfit!

Where are you heading this summer? :)

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. I was compensated to write and publish but as per usual, all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. I love the first and second kind! But also tote bags - especially when they have a cute print or quote on them :)

    Lots of love,
    Krissi of the marquise diamond

  2. I love the second bag really beautiful and i want this bag how can i buy this can you please guide me