Launching my Online Shop: RAELLACRAFT

Last March 18, 2022 (on full moon), I finally launched my shop on Instagram! I've always wanted to do this since way back in college but online platforms were very limited back then. When the pandemic hit, my country then became very fond of online shopping and a lot of people ventured in it. That gave me the courage to finally go for it. My family, relatives, and friends always express their support in my art and they ask me why don't I sell my hand-painted stuff since they always see me wearing hand-painted clothes and shoes. I really do appreciate their support but I don't believe that my art is saleable then. 

This pandemic honestly contributed to my courage to just start and put it out there. (Plus, when I bought Jung Yong-Hwa's tote. hehe) I will probably not stop selling my art, may it be a success or not. But of course I claim a positive energy that Raellacraft will be a success.

We ship nationwide but if you're from outside the Philippines, message me and let's talk about it. We can ship internationally. Raellacraft's first ever customer is actually an international one and she's from Japan! Thank you so so much! :">

I would highly appreciate it if you can follow on Instagram and on Facebook. And also, maybe share Raellacraft's posts? Thank you in advanced!

By the way, there are few pieces left from the first collection. You can see it here. Will be releasing the 2nd collection soon! I am currently working on it.

Thank you so much always for the support since day one. If you're a long-time reader of this blog, I highly appreciate you and I wish you success and happiness. If you're new, I wish you happiness too! :">

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  1. Those are cool tote bags, and so happy for you that you have your own on-line shop, made with one of a kind things, like you. : )