MERCH OUTFIT: All I want for Christmas is David Archuleta


Last Christmas, Dec. 25, 2021, I was finally able to wear my "All I want for Christmas is David Archuleta" Shirt and I was so happy. I ordered this last October or November of 2020 but I received it around first quarter of the following year. I mean that's understandable because of the pandemic but I was tracking it and I strongly believe that my country's post office was the major cause of the delay on why I didn't receive it before Christmas of 2020. So I had to wait for next year's Christmas to finally wear it. Hence, it's already sold out on David's website. hehe. 

I bought a super large size like XL or was it 2XL (I'm too lazy to stand up and look at the tag of my shirt lol) to have an oversized shirt so I can wear it as my home wear.

For my holiday wear, I paired it with my red plaid MNG Casual skirt and topped it off with my red beret bought as a pasalubong from Japan by my cousin.

I uploaded this on Instagram on Christmas Day and I strongly believe that the David Archuleta saw my post and he accidentally liked it so he quickly unliked it. hahaha. pinaasa niya ako guys. lol. Merry Christmas to me indeed! lol. Here's proof though. 

Well, at least I was able to screenshot my notif. hahaha.


"All I want for Christmas is David Archuleta" Shirt - David Archuleta Shop
Red Plaid Skirt - MNG Casual
Red Beret - Japan pasalubong (gift) of my cousin to me

Anyway, Happy New Year! May we all be blessed this year! :)

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  1. Aww how could he not like your photo? :)
    Wishing you a happy and healthy new year, dear!