Shinzou wo Sasageyo (to Levi ✌🏻🙈) // Attack on Titan Survey Corps Outfit

My craze for anime back in elementary and high school is finally prospering again during this pandemic since I rarely go out. I was able to watch new anime and re-watch my favorite ones. I also started getting hooked with K-dramas and J-dramas. Anyway, my brothers made me watch Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) months ago and now, I'm patiently waiting for the last arc to be released because it is so good! Hajime Isayama is an amazing mangaka! Also, I am a Levi fangirl that I even celebrated my birthday with a Levi cake. haha.

I seriously can't wait to wear this outside the house! I even bought a matching survey corps uniform for my pomeranian, Tuffy! You can view my Instagram post here.


Survey Corps Hoodie - Shopee
Shorts - it's actually just my pambahay (household outfit)
Beret - c/o Persunmall
Gladiator Sandals - c/o Dresslily

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  1. Amazing style! My boyfriend is a big Anime fan and loves Attack on Titan. He made me watch it haha.

    1. haha that is so cool! I hope you enjoyed watching Attack on Titan. Can't wait for the final season! :")

  2. 13/10 I adore this look, I love how to combine the attack of the titans sweatshirt with your personal style

  3. What a cute look on you, Rae. Love the Gladiator sandals. I've see the movie a dozen times. They kind of look
    like Greek sandals, don't they?

    I hope you have a peaceful weekend, friend.


  4. This is such a cute styling. I love the combo of an oversized sweatshirt, shorts and gladiator sandals. You look very happy.

  5. Wow loved that "crazy" outfit!

  6. You look cool! I like this shade of green on you.