Afternoon Tea in Melon Off-Shoulder Dress and Vintage Blazer


I have shopped a lot (online) during this pandemic more than before the lock downs and sometimes, I reflect on it so I try to control myself and not buy anymore. I've also been decluttering my stuff because I badly need space in my closet and in my room in general. Having said that, I put up a closet sale so you can check it out if you're interested. Random stuff for sale are up in my carousell account.

Anyway, here's an outfit I want to wear outside when this is all over. Wearing @shairaluna.closetsale melon off-shoulder dress and vintage checked moss green blazer with pearly buttons 💕 I just love shopping at Shaira Luna's closet sale because she has so many beautiful and unique finds! And each piece has their own story.

It’s sweltering hot in the Philippines so this is how I wear blazers hehe :)


Melon Off-Shoulder Dress - Shaira Luna Closet Sale
Vintage Checked Moss Green Blazer with Pearly Buttons - Shaira Luna Closet Sale
White Chunky Shoes (Dad Shoes) - H&M
Red Beret - pasalubong (gift) from Japan from my cousin
Handbag - Simonelli

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  1. I am loving the pretty melon colour and swingy design of that Shaira Luna Closet Sale dress!
    It looks fabulous styled with the contrasting moss green blazer.
    I also love your artwork as the backdrop for your outfit photos!

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  2. Oh so good style darling super pretty
    Great photos

    *PS Please darling don´t publish links as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because my blog removes the comments as SPAM

  3. That is the cutest dress, Rae. It looks great on you, and I love the color. Melon has always been a favorite color in the Summer months. The beret and white shoes add a special touch. I hope it gets cooler for you there. It's starting to get cooler here and looking forward to Autumn.


  4. Great style Rae, Hope this pandemic ends soon to go back to stores!

  5. Such a beautiful dress and you look fab in this blazer and dress combo!