The Best Travel Apps You Need

The Best Travel Apps You Need for Your Next Trip

When traveling for business or pleasure, there are so many things that can be made easier with the use of technology. There are many apps out there that can help with everything from checking your flights are on time, to helping you learn the local lingo. Don’t fret about what could go wrong, and instead think about what you can do to ensure that your trip is smooth sailing. Download these travel apps and be on your way.


For those traveling for a couple of months, this is a great app to save money and time. When you love to plan in advance, it can sometimes mean you miss out on the cheapest flight. However, with Hopper you can input the dates and where you want to travel to and from, and it will tell you when the best time to book is. This means you will save money and get the best deals, making Hopper a hit with travel enthusiasts.


If you want to travel in style on your next holiday, LoungeBuddy allows you to be part of many executive lounges within the airport, for a one-off fee. Usually, you need to be an exclusive member of the airline to use the executive lounge and if you rarely fly, it is not worth the money. However, with no subscription charges, this app is great if you fancy treating your family and friends to complimentary food and drinks whilst waiting for you next flight.

Google Translate

For those unfamiliar with the local language, Google Translate offers both inputted text and spoken language to be translated into their native language. This is an amazing tool and will always come in useful, especially when eating out. Your smartphone’s camera can also be used with this app; simply point it at a sign and Google will translate it. This is an especially great app to have in an emergency. If you’d also like to learn the language before you go, Duolingo can teach you the basics of many languages for free.


Wherever we go, there is still a chance that we may lose or break our phone. Travelers need to be especially vigilant when it comes to their technology and having insurance is the first way to ensure that you are covered. Dropbox can be used to back up any important pictures, videos and files on your mobile or laptop, just in case the worst happens. For travelers making memories, Dropbox allows them peace of mind that these memories will not be lost in the event of a stolen or lost phone. For those travelling on business, Secure Data Recovery's blog has help on everything from secure data backup to SQL security issues. 

Traveling has never been easier with these great apps; everything you could need and more is at your fingertips. Keep your devices safe whilst traveling and be wary about connecting to open Wi-Fi networks, especially when dealing with business and confidential information.

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