Cami Floral Criss Cross Maxi Dress

Salt in the air, the wind through my hair.~

As the sand touches my skin as I walk along the shores of the ocean, the sun rises and I am in full bloom because I am home.

Definitely obsess with this Cami Floral Criss Cross Maxi Dress from Zaful! I find the dress so stunning and elegant. The high slit gives an extra oomph as well as the barely open back with a criss-cross strappy tie closure! I live for tie-backs and maarte hubadera back details!


Cami Floral Criss Cross Maxi Dress c/o Zaful
Fedora Hat c/o Choies
Cotton On Sunglasses
Marikina Slippers

As I've said, I live for tie-backs and maarte hubadera back details. And this maxi dress gives me life! It's perfect for vacations at the beach or even as a casual dress since I live in a tropical country. In fact, I think this can also be worn at formal events. The material is also high quality. Just want to point that out. Tbh, I'm not a huge fan or prints but I find the floral vintage print of this dress beautiful... I guess the back detail really did everything for me to love the piece!

I went to the beach with my friends last August so the beach trip post is incoming (and so does the other vacay posts). Apologies if I've been MIA here. I'm just having a difficult time getting up and creating content. It's been honestly hard for me.

Anyway, I know that we're less than a month away from Christmas but I can't believe how still scorching hot this weather is when the sun is up. Yes, we get colder nights now but day time is still so sunny and very hot. I mean, I'm expecting that I can wear long sleeves now but walking outside still makes me sweaty. haha.

Photos by my friend, April Jala.

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  1. Gorgeous lady... Love the maxi dress on you!

    The Flower Duet

  2. It´s a gorgeous dress, you look fantastic. Have a nice day dear.

  3. You look pretty and elegant wearing that lovely Cami Floral Criss Cross Maxi Dress styled with the wide brimmed hat. The contrast of the floral print against the sheen of the black fabric looks very pretty. I love the drape and appearance of the dress. Your outfit photos and the locale where they were taken look beautiful

  4. It is so beautiful! I love it! So elegant, I also love short dress in this shop.