Bohemian and Holographic

My love for bohemian style just keeps on emerging as the years go by and though my personal style is constantly changing or developing, the boho clothing will always be present. I suppose because that's just who I am. And also because I live in a tropical country.

Having said that, I did a bit of layering for this outfit which I wore to the 1st Chai Tea Latte Training at Barista and Coffee Academy of Asia since it was a rainy day. 

I wore this Bohemian Style Deep V-Neck Floral Print Dress from Seamido. I was wearing a black bralette underneath because the V-Neck was so deep and I couldn't handle that while at the event but it would be perfectly fine for me if I was wearing it on a getaway!

Anyway, I love how this boho dress is black with floral print in warm tones because I think this compliments my hair! You see, I'm currently not into bold and colorful clothing pieces because I want to emphasize my colored hair!

The only downside of this dress though is, it's very thin. I had to wear a body-hugging skirt underneath because it's kinda see through under the sun.

Also, I'm trying to incorporate a new piece in my style which I haven't really thought I would wear --- a bumbag! I find bumbags / belt bags / funny packs too small for my stuff because I'm not a small bag type of person. I just carry so much stuff! But this one is holographic so I just had to buy it!


Denim Long Sleeves - Bershka
Silver Holographic Bumbag - from luckymoonmoonshop
Shoes, Choker Necklaces, and Bralette are all undbranded

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  1. Gorgeous outfit. I really like how you combine this two trends.

  2. This outfit is really cute! I love floral patterns.

  3. Thanks for your perfect pictures for our floral dress.

  4. Your style is always great. Love so much this floral dress with sneakers!

  5. Cool :) This place is the best :)

  6. yaaay! :"> the dress is from Seamido and it's comfy :)

  7. I love your dress

  8. Love the colour combination, dear! xoxo

  9. Very beautiful!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  10. Amazing outfit, you look fantastic.Great combination-)