Tips For A Stylish Tiny House

Tips For A Stylish Tiny House

Tiny houses are taking over the internet and capturing the hearts and minds of many. But what is a tiny house? A tiny house is typically a maximum of 500 feet squared, often designed with stylish minimalism in mind. Highly popular amongst the eco-conscious, these tiny homes boast purposeful designs and stay far from wastefulness. Here are 5 tips that combine both function and style for your own tiny house.

1. Minimalism

One of the reasons why tiny house living really embraces minimalism is because it really emphasizes both simplicity and function. The modern aesthetic of minimalism has grown today to focus on color schemes of black and white, as well as a clean flow throughout the space. Even if you don’t love everything about minimalism, incorporating a minimalist style guide to your tiny house can truly make a small area seem bigger by removing unnecessary clutter. Less “stuff” allows for light to move freely throughout the room, making your tiny house appear bright and airy.

2. Nature 

A simple and tasteful way to make a tiny house seem fresh and open is to bring some of the outside in. Pots of overgrown herbs on a white windowsill can brighten your kitchen area, as well as add a convenient dash of spice to your meals. In a tiny house on wheels, potted plants can present an inconvenience if they are not fastened to the floor. A stylish way around that is by using leafy plants that hang from the ceiling that will roll with all the bumps you may hit along the way. Adding a little greenery for that organic, natural look is a wonderful addition to any tiny home.

3. Shelving 

A tiny house lacks space to keep much of anything, let alone fixtures with very little purpose. A great way to give your tiny house ample room to keep anything from decorative pieces to spare linen is by creating shelf space wherever possible. Unlike standard furniture, shelving can run along hallways and underneath stairs without taking up too much precious space. Another idea that flexes both the style and function muscle, is to build a small bookshelf alongside a loft bed. You can create a cozy, vintage library feel while ensuring no one falls out of the loft. Add an old-fashioned, rolling library ladder to complete the look. 

When designing a tiny house, it’s important not to forget about the bathroom. A tiny house bathroom has more function per square foot than any other part of the house. However, more function does not mean less style. Here are several tricks and tips that you can use to make the most of your space in terms of design and function.

  • Glass shower enclosure: Glass is not only durable, but will also make the space appear larger. 
  • White subway tiles: Opens up the room and helps prevent unwanted moisture.
  • Toilet-top sink: This little number not only looks modern and sleek, but also saves a lot of space. 

5. Repurpose

Second-hand has never looked so good. Think pallet wood, iron and broken tiles. Pallet wood is durable and can add a simple, yet refined design aesthetic when used to make a wall or shelving. Dark, iron fixtures combined with the pallet wood can really complete that rustic-chic look. Upcycled tiles are also a great find, and can be used to tile a portion of the kitchen area or if broken, can be used to create a mosaic. 

In the world of tiny home design, there are a wealth of resources and style options for every aesthetic. The key is to figure out the ones that work best for your own style and tiny house.

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Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions on this article are not mine. I was compensated to publish but this intends to share general tips, knowledge and guidelines on designing and decorating a tiny house.

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  1. Love the tips, thanks for sharing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. These are great ideas! I love tiny homes. I also love the way homes look decorated with plenty of plants!

  3. These are really great tips! Love the shelving picture!

  4. Great tips, Rae! These are helpful. I think I'll make use of these when designing my future pad :)

    Please check out my latest post, too? I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  5. I couldnt agree more with your tips, i love minimalism -especially everything in white and some touches of colour - and plants and flowers everywhere! :)

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