Different Ways to Wear Denim + Coupon Codes

Different Ways to Wear Denim + Coupon Codes For You

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Everybody on this planet probably owns a clothing piece in their closet that is made from denim. From jeans, shorts, skirts, and jackets, to shirts, bags, shoes, and even accessories! If you own a piece or two made from this material, I'm sure you just kind of, taking them for granted every time you wear them. So here are different ways to wear denim.

Disclaimer: These are not really fashion tips rather, inspiration on the different ways on how you can wear your denim clothing pieces.

Beret and Denim Shorts are from small and unbranded shops
White Top is Thrifted
Backpack from a garage sale at Moonleaf in Maginhawa
Combat Boots by dresslink

I may live in a tropical country but that doesn't stop me from wearing boots! Here's a way to wear denim as a mall outfit! Pair the denim shorts with a white top and black boots for an edgy look. Top it off with a gray beret and lots of accessories such as rings and necklace layering. A purple metallic backpack completes the look too!

Somehow, the different colors worked pretty well for this dark blue wash denim shorts!

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Shirt by Culture
Bag by H&M
Beret and shoes are from small unbranded shops
Black Denim Shorts is revamped/ DIYed from my brother's jeans

Throwing in a very simple and casual everyday look with a shirt and denim shorts which was originally a pair of men's jeans. My glasses are prescription glasses by the way but you can also cop this look and wear a fashionable clear eye glasses. Also used my favorite H&M shoulder bag from my favorite human!

This outfit is perfect for our tropical weather!

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Handbag by Guess
(Faux) Denim Skirt with Mesh is Thrifted
White Graphic Shirt is Thrifted
Choker with Geometric Pendant c/o Gamiss

The skirt isn't really a real denim but I felt like this should be included here. If ever you'll find a denim skirt of the same style, pair it up with a simple graphic tee (to match the graphic waistband of the skirt). Use a bag with chain detail for this outfit, such as this handbag by Guess which I've actually had for years now. Wear a classy black flat shoes that is good for walking, and then top the outfit of with a choker!

A casual yet classy look to wear denim.

Black Jeans and shoes are from small unbranded shops
White Crop Top is Thrifted
Asymmetric Cardigan c/o Dresslink
Bag is from Japan

It's always about showing off your tummy! Black denim jeans paired with a white crop top but a cardigan at the ready for when you are cold. Simple outfit yet has an extra oomph so you can still play billiards and pretty much move around while being stylish.

So those are my take on the different ways to wear denim! I hope you found some inspiration for your own outfits.

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Dressing how you feel is always a great idea. Given that there are so many denim pieces in the market right now, play around and experiment with your own style. Don't limit yourself. Experiment, explore, and don't be scared to try different styles in wearing denim! Also, coupon codes help so you don't need to go splurging so much for the sake of beauty and fashion!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by HasOffer Coupons. However, all thoughts and opinions on this article are mine.

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