Camping trip essentials

Camping trip essentials

A camping trip is only as fun as the people who are going on that trip. You can make the most of poor weather, a poor campsite, or even injuries when you’re camping. With this being said, there are some items you simply can’t leave behind when planning for your next camping trip. So, start your packing with this list, to ensure you have exactly what you need to make for an enjoyable weekend trip to any campsite. Check out to buy the latest light and durable camping gear.


Items including a first aid kit, your sunscreen, protective clothing, bug repellent, and items like gauze to wrap up injuries, are some of the items to add to your bags when you go camping. You never know what is going to happen, or if an unexpected injury is going to occur during your trip. It is better to overpack and be prepared for these things, rather than get stuck in the woods without supplies, and without the means to get to those supplies in a timely fashion.


Flashlights, batteries, fire starters, matches, and other ignition devices, should be brought on your camping trip as well. You’re going to fall upon dark areas or dangerous areas where you need extra lighting. Even if it is a late evening, camp side dinner, you want to make sure you can enjoy everyone’s company when camping. Make sure you have these items to light a fire, prepare meals, and so you can see, in otherwise dark territories.


Of course, you need food. But, you should consider items which are prepackaged. Granola bars, packaged snacks, fruit, items which don’t dehydrate, won’t rot, and won’t lose their flavor, after they’re opened. Sometimes, you simply can’t cook or prepare a meal. Even if you plan for it each night of your trip, you never know what’s going to happen. So, it is best to have a backup plan in place. Consider a few of these items, and other ‘survival type foods’ to pack for your next trip, and for each person who will be camping with you. 

Camping is enjoyable with friends and family; but, you can make it even more enjoyable with the right supplies in hand on your trip. If you plan early, you avoid the risk of forgetting imperative items on your trip. So, consider some of these items and pack them in your bags early, to ensure you won’t forget them.

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