5 Palm Springs Home Décor Trends

Palm Springs is a southern Californian city with modern architecture and lots of beautiful homes. It is characterized by hot springs and if you’re planning to relocate to the city, chances are that you’d like to discover some of the home décor trends best suited for its climate. If want to take services of any interior design company, you should always know the latest trends in the region and have the best possible design. 

Are you looking for some of the popular home décor trends in Palm Springs? Would you like to discover the Palm Springs décor trends you need to revive your home from the chill of past winter? If yes, below are the 5 Palm Springs home décor trends you should ask your interior designers Palm Springs to implement in your house for you:

Acrylic Decor

Lots of people are in search of acrylic-styled décor for their homes. Obviously, acrylic is becoming one of the loveliest décor materials we now see on several household items including floating frames and fashionable tables. 

Acrylic is currently one of the popular décor trends in Palm Springs and anyone wishing to enliven their mini room space will likely make success with transparent acrylic furniture.

Climbing Plants

Greenery seems to have gained huge grounds among the top décor items homeowners are always looking for. Greeneries such as climbing plants are highly demanded by homeowners and there has been an estimated increase of 200% for them on Pinterest. Examples of these climbing plants are flourishing vines which could be the springs décor trend you need to revive your home from the chill of past winter months.

Marble Wallpaper

Marble décor materials are so lovely but not all homeowners can afford the high-quality ones out there. If you have a strong liking for marble but can’t afford the expensive marble decors in the market, you can simply opt for marble wallpaper.

Of course, there has been an overwhelming demand for marble wallpaper in Palm Springs, making marble one of the home décor materials to reckon with. If fortifying your home with gold marble would be too costly, you could still give your home an elegant feel by furnishing it with an accent wall of marble wallpaper.

Wood Tile

Using wood tiles could seem like a crude idea but it’s obviously a lovely and chic home décor trend to adopt especially if you’re seeking to replace subway tile.

Nowadays, wood tile is one of the stylish décor trends appearing in different areas of the home ranging from fireplaces to kitchen islands. Aside being a timeless home décor trend, wood tile has witnessed over 47% increase in demand on Pinterest. Interestingly, wood tile could be suitable for beautifying just any surface in your home.


Lots of homeowners in Palm Springs are developing interest in copper. You could introduce a copper-like trend in your home décor and simply advance beyond the normal gold and silver trend. Besides adding elegance to your interior space, a sparkling copper accent will give your home the glamorous feel you need during hot springs. 

Copper is a lovely metallic element suitable for ornamenting various household items. If you have a soaring flair for copper, you could spice up your home with copper dishware, copper-styled fixtures and perhaps, you could also add a copper vase to your table to give it an awesome appearance.

*This article is written by Julia Martin.

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