11 Reasons Indonesia Should Be Your 2018 Vacation

As the new year approaches, many people start thinking about the vacations they may want to take. Everyone needs something to look forward to and a vacation will certainly do the trick. The hard part is choosing the destination. So, why choose Indonesia? It’s a country full of culture, vibrancy and wonderful sights. Here are just some of the reasons Indonesia should be your 2018 trip.


The capital of Indonesia is home to over 10 million people. With that number of people in one place, the city has no choice but to be full of life. You’ll be able to experience new sights, sounds and tastes wherever you choose to stop. Of course, there are poorer areas of the city, but visiting these areas can sometimes open your eyes to what you have in your life and send you away with a renewed appreciation. If you want to get some shopping done while you’re in Indonesia, you’ll find anything you want in the tons of shopping malls available to you.

The Komodo Dragons

There’s nothing quite like seeing these creatures up close and personal. They are said to be the closest living relative to the now extinct dinosaurs, and their size may surprise you. Of course, they can be dangerous animals to get close to, so don’t make the mistake of approaching one without guidance from a park ranger. The Komodo dragons, weighing up to 150lbs, have a toxic bite which allows them to kill larger animals, even humans. Although named the Komodo dragons, they can also be found on four other islands in Indonesia.


Animal lovers may enjoy a trip to Sumatra, where you can take a boat ride and spot the orangutan swinging through the trees or visit the orangutan orphanage where young orangutans are cared for and have somewhere safe to grow. You may also be interested in visiting the army of elephants that are commissioned to protect the northern rainforest. Turn up early enough and you’ll be able to scrub their nails before they go on patrol. Sumatra is also home to tigers and the Sumatran rhino. You may be able to see them in the wild on a guided tour. Finish the morning off with a Sumatran coffee and you’ll be ready for anything.

World Class Water Sports

When it comes to diving, there’s nothing better than crisp, clear blue waters and the coral reef. Indonesia offers some of the best scuba diving in the world because the sea life and wild life in the ocean is second to none. It really feels like you’re in another world as you watch the vibrant colors come to life, and the calming atmosphere can transfix you. Glide past one of the 2,000 reef fish as your instructor guides you through a haven that most people can only dream of. Of course, there are many wonderful beaches in Indonesia and you can take part in almost any water sport ever invented. Fancy some jet skis, surfing or windsurfing? You won’t have to look far.

Java Temples and Volcanoes

Java is home to nearly 140 million residents, and as you can imagine, there’s plenty to see and do. Why not take a hike up to the Bromo volcano and see the sights from the top of the mountain? It’s a breathtaking view and a great time to quietly contemplate. If you’re looking for a bit of Indonesian culture and heritage, you can find Borobudur in Java, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Borobudur is a main attraction in Indonesia and is often crowded throughout the entire year. If you want to beat the crowds, the best time to visit is early in the morning.

The People

Indonesians are possibly some of the most welcoming people in the world. Staying in Indonesia feels like a home away from home because nothing is too much trouble for the people around you. Whether you’re backpacking through the country and don’t stay anywhere for too long or you’re lucky enough to stay in one of the best five-star hotels, with a direct link to one of the white sand beaches, there’ll always be people around who are willing to give help and advice. If you want to stay in Indonesia for longer, take a look at rumahdijual.com/surabaya/ for some of the best properties.

Enlightened Bali

Bali is one of the most visited places in Indonesia and one of the most well-known. When you’re looking for a spiritual awakening, Bali can offer everything you need. There’s an array of things to do and see in Bali, including spiritual ceremonies and evening celebrations. Bali is where creativity comes to life, and if you’re lucky, you may go at a time where you’ll catch some of the best dance performances or musicals. Of course, Bali also offers great shopping if you want to pick up some gifts for family and friends. You’ll find everything from local souvenirs to chic home accessories.

Hidden Beaches

You can’t visit Indonesia without spending a few days relaxing on the amazing beaches. Some of the more famous beaches are often crowded which can make relaxing a bit difficult, but if you’re willing to travel a few more miles, you can find some gorgeous soft, white sand beaches that are only ever used by the locals. For example, the lesser known island of Lombok offers everything all the other beaches do with half the number of people around. It’s roughly 30 miles east of Bali but the travel is worth it!

Visit Indigenous Tribes

If you really want to see what Indonesia is all about, visiting some of the Indigenous tribes will give you a real insight. Here you’ll find authentic Indonesia, but you’ll be hard pushed to find nicer people. Arrange a visit with a Kalimantan tribe and see the differences in the way you live. There’s no technology in the rainforest and these tribes live by codes that have been around for centuries. Ask your guide to inform you of anything that could offend the tribe’s members before you go in.

Great Night Life

If you like to party while you’re on vacation, Yogyakarta is the place to be. It’s full of evening shows, great cuisine and concerts. It’s also one of the best places to catch a glimpse of local artists, with art exhibitions popping up all over the city. If enjoying yourself in the evenings is important to you, basing yourself in Yogyakarta is a great idea. If you do so, you also aren’t far from Borobudur and some of the other breathtaking temples that Indonesia has to offer.

The Price

One of the best reasons for traveling to Indonesia is the cost of your vacation. It’s often voted one of the best countries for travelers when it comes to value for money. For example, you wouldn’t be spending much if you were to eat and drink at the beach during your vacation instead of at your hotel. Beach dining in Indonesia is amongst the cheapest in the world. So, if your worried about the amount tallying up when you eat and drink on outings, Indonesia has the problem solved for you. It’s not just value for money on flights and accommodation; you may be returning home with more money than you think.

As long as you prepare for the weather and get the proper vaccinations before you go, there aren’t many reasons Indonesia shouldn’t be the at the top of your vacation list. Why not take a look at your options?

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