Wishlist: Boots, Crystal Shoes, and Heels

The first pair of boots that I loved was this one. It's actually broken now, like the soles are cut into two, though if I want to, that might be repairable. But having said that, I am on the look out for a new pair. So while browsing online, I found a few pairs of shoes that tickle my fancy!

Here's a show wishlist:

1. Crystal Bridal Shoes

Handcrafted in vintage Venetian lace, crystals and pearls, this pair is actually a bridal shoe. But I really love it and I can imagine pairing it with pieces already in my closet! This will surely be a statement piece and I love how elegant and sophisticated it looks!

2. Peacock style flapper wedding shoes, model Deborah

This bright and pink pair of heels is definitely fun and playful, originally perfect for an outdoor or a garden wedding. But if you'll ask me, if you can buy it, why not wear it for formal events and for casual looks? If you can flaunt it, then go wear it! I really adore the details exerted to the shoes.

3. Lace Wedding Heels in White

Check the details out! Isn't it so pretty and lovely? I love the shoes so much! The glass heels are timeless and truth be told, wearing this pair will give you some kind of a princess vibe like you're in a fairy tale! This shoe complements to any style of vintage wedding dress in Edwardian or Downton Abbey style.

4. Modern Victorian Lace Up Leather Boots in Pearl

Elegant and stylish, this white Victorian Lace Up Leather Boots is gorgeous! I also like that the heel is not too high and is not in a stiletto style. 

5. Modern Victorian Lace Up Leather Boots in Cognac

Similar to no. 4, this pair is a little more stylish and bolder compared to the white one (in my opinion that is). These are the kinds of boots that separate trendsetters from followers and why not wear it at parties and events to complete your outfit of the day or of the night!

Shoes actually give me joy! I love collecting shoes of all kinds (but I avoid the heels) and these 5 pairs I found are gems! All shoes are from the Wardrobe Shop. Each piece you find at the shop is a labor of love and a passionate pursuit to compile the most authentic recreations of dresses from the 1920's, 30's and 40's. 

Check them out via their website: http://wardrobeshop.com/

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