Instagram Round-Up: April 2017

I made a DIY lip balm // A self portrait when I was facing my quarter life crisis by the end of 2016 // At Cafe Mithi in Maginhawa // Our drinks from Cafe Mithi // Manila's heat is like the heat you feel at the beach minus the ocean and the sand plus cement and pollution // Santuario de San Ezekiel Moreno // Letting go and letting God guide me in my new life chapter as we celebrate Easter for He has risen! // Alab // The only way is up (OOTD at Cafe Mithi) // Overthinking and Painting // Find yourself (at Caleruega) // Road trip // We got our tickets! Can't wait to see 5 Seconds of Summer at In the Mix Music Festival in August

Aaah April. How can I describe it? I've been extremely productive this month and the great thing is, I now have a work-life balance kind of lifestyle and I'm grateful for that! My last jobs never made me feel like I can have it but it seems like everything is falling into place now. Hoping for the best, please po Lord. :))

April was filled with arts, bonding moments with my friends and family, making my faith stronger, meetings and tons of work for Po-lite, freelance works and buying a concert ticket! I started this month by going on a trip to my favorite art shop's main branch with my brother. I also spent time at Cafe Mithi with my best friend. On Holy Week, my family and relatives all went to Tagaytay and there we spent our time together while making our faith stronger. By the end of the month, I had a series of meetings for Po-lite Technology Inc. I had 2 site measurements this month too, meaning, I now have projects to work on. It was also nice catching up with a friend and we watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. My April ended up with a bang as I literally ran towards the ticket selling booth in SM to buy a concert ticket and get good seats! OHMYGOSH SEE YOU SOON 5SOS! Oh, and I met new friends too.

It seems like taking on this new adventure was the right thing to do and I am so much happier now. January felt so good that my February and March opened up for opportunities and I started pursuing my passion again and I started socializing na. If I didn't hit rock bottom and never felt that downfall, I wouldn't felt this way today.

How's your life going? Did your April went well too?

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  1. These photos are so beautiful!

    XO Bella, // instagram: bellaskoog

  2. Its very nice that you are enjoying your time..