How to get Perfect Outdoor Cafe Blinds

With the growing interest in home décor and designing interiors of your home, entrepreneurs have made the job easier for you by simply designing modern, trendy, yet classy styles of items. Ranging from cutlery, choosing the right color of paint for your walls, to window blinds, they have made sure to induce some element of creativity and modernity to help make your home feel like a luxury. Home improvement is now even their priority more than what it is yours. Make sure to choose the best ones among the range of the lot presented to you. There are experts to decide for you.

So, how about when you have an outdoor café? There are experts and designs for the same to help you pick the right one that will go with the theme of your café. The right choice will fetch you a lot of profit and you will set the right trend thereupon. 

The Types Of Outdoor Café Blinds Are:

1. Roll up blinds 

This kind of blind will block 90% of UV rays and will cool the surroundings. This should be your choice if your café is in a sunny region. They also offer a range of colors starting from charcoal, to grey/white.

2. Retractable blinds

This one is manufactured using sustainable resources and reduces heat entry. This is ideal for outdoor and sunny areas. They offer a choice of grey/white stripe, vanilla, dark green straw colors, etc.

3. Roller blinds

It offers height adjustment formula. Thereby, helping you to track the amount of heat you like to have at your space. The fabric is for all weather. It has a wire-guided system along with a crank handle. 

4. Bamboo blinds

This has a Roman style gathering and gives enough protection from external dust and elements. 

5. Bistro blinds

Bistro blinds are made of heavy duty PVC and are easy to operate. It has a pulley system. It is ideal for protecting your outdoor space from wind and rain. 

6. Custom made

These ones will let you design the kind of blind you like as per your choice and style. Do you have any idea? Tell it to your designer or expert and they will make it just the way you like. 

Remember to spend enough time in taking correct measure required for your blind before you decide to get. 

Things to Consider Before Getting:


Remember to have in mind your budget. The custom-made blinds are typically expensive. See what fits and suits your space. Later, weigh all the pros and cons of each blind you have selected. Consider the money factor. However, do not compromise on quality. 

The right match

The blind you choose, should go well with the overall décor of the building. Take into consideration your flooring and see if the blind too captures the overall theme you wanted to bring out.


It is also important to see if the blind is thick enough to protect the interior from harmful UV rays or sunrays in general, without affecting the lighting. Give it a good thought and make a wise choice. 

Do a thorough research

The internet will give you an idea of the kind you can select. There is a range of templates and samples that will help you ease the process of selection. 

Talk to experts

You can also think of talking to the right designers and experts for some idea on the same. Walk into a store for the help. 


Always remember to entrust the installation process to an expert. Let the professionals do this job for you.

Overall, considering these things will help you get the right outdoor café blind

*This article is a guest post by Hayley Potter.

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