Instagram Round-Up: March 2017

Snaggletooth (This piece is part of my passion project for 2017! First painting for a collection I'm working on) // A matcha ice cream a day keeps the sadness awaaay // "Sino ako?" (a piece from my art collection) // Sunset at Harbour Square // Went to see Swan Lake as the Black Swan :) // The ceiling at SMX // At CCP after watching Swan Lake // Emosh Art Collection // Renaissance Art // Cacti // It feels so good to be back. Where everything started!  // Snail Mail from the US // Outfit Post // Alluring // My view every after work

INSTAGRAM: @Raellarina

I've been pretty productive and busy this month! Both my January and February 2017 were both wonderfully amazing and both months taught me a thing or two. I can now confidently say that after my quarter life crisis, I am definitely becoming a much, much better version of myself. Though I'm still being haunted by the thoughts of "am i good enough?" and so forth from the experience, still, I'm trying to see the best in my everyday... working on it!

Anyway, it was absolutely happy cray cray that this month started with getting together with my workmates turned friends! Truth be told, I have never imagined that I would have friends from work! :) Then I attended two design expos this month too! --- Philippines International Furniture Show and Interior & Design Manila and Worldbex. I started getting serious with my art as well that I was able to share my Emosh Art Collection this month!

But the greatest thing about this month that I am extremely grateful for is that I got in touch with my friends --- from my workmates turned friends to my best friends in college and to my fellow YFC Dance ministry members! And by this, I mean actually seeing them in person and went bonding.

I'm also now happy with my work. Thank you Lord!

I'm hoping to keep the positive vibes going! May I not be bothered so much by the thoughts that haunt me from time to time and may I regain myself. :)

How did you March go?

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  1. Your art is really wonderful. Good for working hard and making it happen.
    Have a happy week!

  2. amazing art.:) fantastic post:)

  3. Great! You have beautiful instagram!