Happy 26th Birthday David Archuleta! :)

To my forever love, happy happy 26th birthday David Babe! I will never get tired of supporting you in everything that you do.

Thank you for everything! You know me so well, I don't know how but your music is always so timely with my life situations since 2008 up to now. So really, you help me with life. hehe. I love you to infinity and beyond!! <3

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Today's the first that we did not celebrate David's birthday, no meet-up for fans, no mini get together, no nothing (but those fans in Laguna, I believe will celebrate; but as TPA, nothing). Yearly, we celebrate his birthday. On his 21st birthday, I joined the first ever Talentadong Pinoy Archies and even though I lost, that dance opened doors for me including the opportunity to dance in front of the David Archuleta. I wasn't able to attend his 22nd because I went bar hopping at The Fort. But I was on his 23rd and on his 24th and on his 25th though I wasn't able to find the time to compose blog posts for them (they're still on my drafts). But we still support David, I just miss the get-togethers and all those sort of stuff.

I'm happy with how David's career is going, and as well as with how he sees his life and how different his perspective in life now after his 2-year mission. I just keep on praying for him and I just wish him all the best in this world. :)

Keep on inspiring, David Archuleta! :""")

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  1. I remember when you told us about how you met him before

    1. awww. thank you so much for reading my blog for so long adam! :)))