DIY No Sew Pillowcase (5 Seconds of Summer - Luke Hemmings)

Here's a great idea if you have an old t-shirt, if  you love fangirling, and if you like sleeping!--- DIY no sew pillowcase!

What made me come up with this DIY is my old gray t-shirt which the ants attacked and left so many holes. Because of that, I can no longer wear the shirt (I can make it my house shirt but I already have a lot). So instead, I've decided to turn my old t-shirt into a no sew pillowcase featuring Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer!


+ Old T-shirt
+ Pillowcase (this will just be your template)
+ Glue gun and glue sticks
+ Scissors
+ Textile paints
+ Paint brush


1. Get a pillowcase and lay it on top of the old shirt. I want to make a pillowcase for my 16 inches by 23 inches pillow so the shirt is enough for it. If you plan to make a pillowcase for a regular-sized pillow, this method will not work.

2. Cut!

3. After cutting, turn it inside out and then cut one of the sides. I did this because I want the opening of the pillowcase to be on the smaller side.

4. Next step is to gluegun 3 sides, leaving one side to be the opening of your pillowcase where you will slip on your pillow.

5. Create a hem on that side where you will be slipping on your pillow. To do this, just fold the fabric about half an inch and gluegun it down.

6. Last step is the fun part. Paintiiiiiiiiiing!

So basically, I just wrote Luke's name and the 5sos tally logo (yes, their logo for me is still the tally one and I will never move on from that) and then also painted a little extras. Actually, I wanted to be a minimalist and just write luke on the pillowcase. But then, I have no white textile paint so I used pink instead and I wasn't liking how it lukes (get it? haha. nope, not funny). So I ended up with this and I think it turned out nice!

If you want to make your own no sew pillowcase, you sure can paint anything you want on it. If you're in a different fandom and want to do this, you still can! Just play with your imagination and you'll be seeing your idol in your sleep! hehe.

Do send or tag me your DIY if ever you decide to make one! :-)

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  1. nice post!

  2. Valentina would love something like this, she is into creative projects and she has lots of extra T's xox

  3. What a fun idea, thanks for sharing!


  4. Great DIY!