DIY Boho Curtain Tie-Back

Here is another very easy 5-minute DIY if you have a boho -slash- gypsy kind of style in your bedroom or home, or if you're just looking for a stylish but easy to make curtain tie-back.


1. Jute Twine (I bought mine at Daiso / Japan Home Center)
2. Scissors
3. Meter tape or any other measuring tool


1. Cut about 33 inches of Jute twine. Repeat this thrice so you'll have 3 pieces of 33-inch jute twine.

(Note: You can cut longer than 33 inches or shorter. The length really depends on your preference)

2. Tie one end so you'll have the 3 pieces together.

3. Next, braid the strings!

4.When you reach the end, tie it to secure the braid.

And then you are done! It's that easy! :) You can embellish this by putting charms, feathers, seashells, and even crystals and stones. But you can also make it as simple as what I did. :) 

I actually made 3 of this since I have 3 windows in my bedroom and they look so perfect for my purple lace curtains! I love it so much.

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  1. nice!

  2. Valentina could make some of these with some jewel decorations, she love this, I hope you're having a great weekend ♡ xox