Design Diary: Nardi Showroom at Dexterton Corporation

This showroom is my 2nd baby (see my 1st here) and is my very first baby at Dexterton Corporation. Truth be told, it was my first time to design a showroom and I'm happy to say that I did not have a hard time designing it and I actually had so much fun!


This is how the showroom looked like before. When I first saw it, my first reaction was... "YUCK. Showroom ba 'to or tambakan? (is this a showroom or a storage area?)". No offense intended to whoever did this but in a customer's point of view, the products look very cheap and it's not encouraging to buy the brand.

So I conceptualized...

I like writing down my thoughts and also the key points of what I've read or researched because it keeps everything together.  In fact, I've actually researched on showroom design before my first day at work (because I asked for a week of preparation after confirming that I'd like to take the job). On the lower left corner of the photo above, you can see that I sketched layout ideas plus perspective before doing it on the computer because I like drawing with my bare hands and I'm not a big fan of computer aided drawings. hahaha. seriously.

I came up with this design idea:  display all the products in a manner that will not look cluttered and which will create an inviting feeling. And so I made sure that the whole design concept would center on the brand's philosophy or tagline: "Feeling better is a way of life". I want to make the clients feel better when they enter the showroom and take a look at the products. I want them to buy as many items as possible through the layout that I did.

This was my first design proposal which was approved. I re-arranged this after a few weeks as suggested by the sales staff because according to them, the sun loungers doesn't attract too much customers to go through the end of the room to take a peak at the area. And of course they talk to the clients more than I do, SoI took their advice / suggestion and re-arranged. I switched the colorful items to the sun loungers' side.

So this is now the current layout of the showroom...

I think interior designers should always listen to the users of the space. For this showroom, the closest users my design has are the sales staff so I listen to them.

The software that I used in making these drawings is carat. I don't have autocad and sketchup installed in my office computer so I just relied on the program that I use which is associated with the modular kitchen brand that I work with.

Here is the showroom design in progress. I think it only took me 2 days to finish everything. The re-painting of the wall was done in one day and the artificial grass installation and furniture re-arranging took less than one day. The only thing that took this project long, was the grass delivery. And also, the poster from the supplier which you'll not see in the after photos apparently but I think I should take a photo of the showroom again before I leave Dexterton. :)


And that's how I transformed this showroom! I'm so proud of myself for doing a job well done (hahaha. but I also thank the kuyas who helped in making the drawing on paper a reality --- for painting the walls, lifting the furniture, installing the grass and the posters, etc) because it has been reported that the sales of Nardi increased after the makeover. yaaay!

Actually, sometimes, the wall paint can do the trick! Originally, I wanted the wall to be painted black. But my boss doesn't approve of dark colors. But I really insisted because I told him that it would make the color of the items pop out --- it would emphasize them. So he asked if the walls could be painted gray instead so it won't be too dark. So I agreed. so ta-daaaah!

Also, I made sure that orange would be visible, but not too much, because the color orange is stimulating to the senses.It is physically and mentally stimulating which gets people thinking and talking. It imparts a message that it is affordable yet has a reasonable quality. Apparently, when I arranged the showroom again to keep it in order, the orange items were almost gone. So I guess my research was true enough.

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  1. Rae, I love what you did here girl... you're very talented ♡♡♡

  2. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  3. Great post!
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  4. Wow you did a brilliant job looks so much better :)

    Meme xx

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  5. you should be proud of yourself because you did a fantastic job. You're really good at what you do dear.

    1. awww. thank you so much Ivana! =) You're a very good artist too so keep on inspiring the world! :D

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  7. Wow! This is so cool. Looks like you really love and enjoy your job!

    Clarisa |

    1. thank you clarisa! i'm grateful that i have chosen this profession. :)
      have a great week dear! ^^)

  8. Nice! I love how you transformed the area. I love the mixture of colors and how everything looks coherent and organized. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. Hi Jenn! Thank you very much! I appreciate it. :)

  9. That is so impressive! Congrats!