I opened my mouth and swallowed mud and weeds

Let's pretend that I'm an Indie singer (oh, i love indie bands!) and my outfit is perfect for an indie concert, except that I don't sing so let's just ignore everything. Or let's just use our imagination in the singing part and actual playing of my ukulele. haha!

Anyway, I wore this outfit one office day last year when I was sent to the construction site unplanned. Because if you know me, I'm not a pants person and office outfits to me meant skirt, skirt, skirt... and dresses! Also, I want everything planned because choosing what to wear on the exact same day isn't my most favorite thing to do. Luckily, I wore this outfit instead of the planned one I had which was a dress. For this reason, I have office mates who continually tease me and tell me that they really can't wait for the day that I will be sent to the job site, unplanned,in a dress! haha. Apparently, they will not witness this because I keep a pants in my office drawer! *girl scout*.

Loving my iridescent heart of the ocean ring from 10 dollar mall! It's so, i don't know, uhm... very hipster? haha. I guess it's just so majestic and magical, it's like carrying a crystal ball on my finger and it withholds my future. *deep thoughts from a ring* Well, it's on sale right now so better grab a piece. 

WEARING: Kensiegirl blue top | Lace pants and shoes from a small unbranded shop | Moon Gemstone necklace c/o Born Pretty | Pope Francis Papal Cross / The Good Shepherd Cross from UST's CCM | Blue stone ring from Kisty Mea | Bracelets c/o cutey and rings & tings | DIY head wrap | Lace vest c/o sammy dress| rings from 10 dollar mall and small unbranded shop

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  1. Oh I love these photos, you look super pretty!

    Check out my blog if you want: www.theglamandglitter.com

    Tamara xxx

  2. Rae, I like your top... it's got a great unique hem... I hope you're having a great week ♡ xox

  3. love the hippi style
    Keep In Touch

  4. Cool hairstyle! Right now, I prefer to dress myself by the funky human hair wigs.

  5. Such a cute post! Happy 2016, sweetie! xoxo

  6. LOVE the artwork on that wall! Just discovered your blog, too cute!
    Check out my blog sometime :)

  7. Perfect style ! I really love your necklaces :)

  8. Love your style ! I like the top :)