Wishlist: As calm as the ocean

Hello dreamers! I'm a bit stressed out with what's going on with my life (not that I'm complaining, I just like pursuing a lot of things!) so I put up this set of wishlist that is filled with fashion pieces in blue to calm me down (color psychology) featuring wholesalebuying

In case you're also interested with the item/s, I have included their links!

This cover up is lovely and so girly. I can actually see myself wearing this not just in the beach but in the office as well.

I'd like to feel the sand touching my toes and the ocean wave touching my skin in this lovely and flowy dress. This gives me a vibe of the 60's actually.

Can be used as a top, blazer, or as an outfit accessory when you'll just wrap it around your waste. And that's the beauty of this piece. It's very versatile. :)

I like body-hugging dresses because it shows how slim I am. hehe. And I love that this is lace.

The reason why I love flats is because it's really, really comfy! Although it's not as stylish as my favorite pair of boots, flats can also make or break your outfit.

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  1. These are lovely things! I love the dress on the left an the chambray top :)

    xo Azu


  2. Lovely wishlist, love the blue dress!

    I'm currently hosting a sunglasses giveaway over on my blog, would love for you to enter:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  3. dreamy wishlist.....love that maxi dress!


  4. Lovely post, have a beautiful weekend! kisses

  5. Blue us a great calming color Rae... I know what you mean about having a lot on your plate .. it's both great and stressful but it can be quite rewarding ultimately xox ♡

  6. All of the outfit pieces in your wishlist are pretty - I love the colours and prints of 2 and 4 and love the colours, style and look of the fabric of the Chiffon Beach Mini Dress swim cover-up - and what a bargain price! The Korean style blue blouse is pretty as well.


  7. shoes are super cool!

  8. I love the shoes. I wish I ha those <3