Interior Design Tips Anybody Can Use

We all know that interior design is a passion of mine. However, just because I like to do this for a living, doesn’t mean amateurs can’t do it too (I say amateur in the nicest possible way). Anybody can have a good go at interior design with the right tips. Bear these in mind!

Use a Colour Wheel Before Settling on Your Scheme

The colour wheel is a magical little invention that anybody can use to come up with an amazing colour scheme. You use it to find colours that work well with one another, and even colours that contrast one another perfectly. Always use the colour wheel before you buy your paint to avoid disappointment!

Don’t Let the Size of a Room Limit Your Choices

People think that the size of a room limits their choices in multiple ways. They think that small rooms can only have light colours and small furniture. They think big rooms need to have giant pieces of furniture inside. Let me tell you this: don’t let the size of a room limit your choices. You can have a dark colour in a small room. You can even have large pieces of furniture. You just need to do it right! A large bed in a small bedroom can actually make the room look larger in some cases. Covering all surfaces, even borders with one colour can blur lines and make it seem bigger too. It’s all about optical illusions!

Incorporate a Feature Wall to a Room

I just love a room with a good feature wall, and there are so many ways you can create one. This is where you get to have a lot of fun and really use your imagination! You can use mirrors, plates, art, or something else entirely to make this wall stand out. You could even use a patterned wall paper. There are no rules!

Mix and Match Your Furniture

Matching furniture can be boring. Why not mix it up a bit? In lots of cases I find that mixed up furniture looks better than matching! It adds fun and character to a room.

Use Unexpected Accessories

Unexpected accessories used for unusual purposes look amazing. I mean, old suitcases used as a coffee table. Worn crates used as shelves. They look surprisingly good and add some uniqueness to your home.

Let in Lots of Light

Light is the key to having a good room. Different sources ensure you can do what you need to do in there. Task lighting and lighting to create an ambiance are the most important! Letting in natural light will make the room look even better, explain Sunsquare.

Don’t Skimp on the Texture  

One of the worst things you can do is make your room look dull by failing to include enough texture. Add as much texture as you can with the help of pillows, accessories, and other things. This will make your room look more three dimensional and cosy. Interior designers always use this tip!

Let me know how you find my tips!

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, not all thoughts and opinions expressed on this post are mine. This article is intended to be a general resource tips for interior design.

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  1. It's funny how someone came up with the color wheel. Neat little invention