Where I Love to Go During the Winter

Winter means different things to different people. I love travelling during winter though; there’s so much variety to discover and explore. Here are my favourite winter locations.

The Gold Coast

It’s good to go somewhere that’s warm all year round when winter starts to hit, that’s why the Gold Coast in Australia is one of my favourite places to visit. It’s the second largest city in Queensland, and it has beautiful coastlines combined with rainforests rich with all kinds of wildlife.

Last time I went there I even tried my hand at surfing; the Gold Coast is one the major surfing capitals of the world. So, if you see yourself as a top surfer, you need to challenge yourself on the waves of the Gold Coast. There are lessons and guides to help out complete novices like me too though!


You might think that Mallorca is the kind of place you’d go to during the summer, but if you ask me, it’s much better to head to the Spanish island during the winter. The weather doesn’t get too cold, and the landscape is beautiful all year round, so you won’t miss the summer sun too much!

The real pull of Mallorca during the winter is the almond blossom season. This is something that most visitors to the island never see because they arrive in the summer. But the stunning white and pink trees are best seen during the winter. The best time to arrive is in November so you can explore the valleys and hill in blossom.



Winter wouldn’t be winter without some snow and a traditional log cabin. That’s exactly what you can find in Finland. It’s a land of Christmas, and most of us are children at heart, so it’s no surprise that so many people head there during the Christmas period. It doesn’t matter whether you have kids or not; there’s fun for everyone!

The Arctic Circle landscapes are simply breathtaking, and you can spend all day and night exploring if you’re the type of person that like an adventure. And if you want to do something really special you could try and see the Northern Lights. It’s something you’ll never forget.


Like all the world’s great cities and destination, Venice takes on an entirely new character in the winter months. The air is cold, and the skies aren’t as bright as in the summer, but, for me at least, that’s not a bad thing. The city seems to suit the darker, duller weather, retaining all of its ancient beauty.

You can still explore all the canals and take a trip on a gondola, these things happen all year round, no matter what the temperature is. And if you arrive during the early months of the year, you might even get the chance to take part in the Venice Carnival when people don masks and costume and party!

These are the places that I love to visit during the winter months, they all offer something different. Let me know where you like to go during winter.

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  1. If I traveled in the Winter, I want it to be in the warmer lands since I have too much Winter where I am already... :) ... I think Spain and possibly Australia xox

  2. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!

  3. I would visit all these places too!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  4. u make me want to travel!


  5. I'm kind of curious how cold winter gets down in Philippines.