Pink Animals

Here is a wishlist for my room (or perhaps for all you PINKaholics out there). Pink Animals exhibiting cuteness! To tell you the truth, I still collect stuffed toys and plushies even if I am no longer a kid. I think the nostalgia they give is enough to make an interior space worth spending time in. And because as you all know, I am a "mermaid" and these octopus plushies are definitely a must-have! Also a fast way to change a room's design without too much labor and too much splurging is through these cuties. So better buy one now! :) Anyway, the lady poodle portrait is perfect for a girly yet elegant room and that giraffe wall decal is perfect for that wall in which you want to decorate but don't want to permanently paint.

~Everything on the wishlist board is from etsy.~

By the way, I went to my first ever job interview today! It was magical. I don't know why but it really was. Definitely an amazing experience. :) Also, we finally have electricity after 2 days of burden due to the storm... I have never been this happy. hahaha. And school resumes tomorrow. yay! :)) Stay dry everyone and pray for everybody especially the victims. :(

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  1. That pink teddy is so cute! I love the elephant, too :) Thanks for sharing these.

    xo Azu

  2. Yay! Pink cute and I collect teddy bears too! ;)

  3. I still love stuffed animals and have small teddy-bears on my night table. I'm a bit of a PINKaholic too, so I love these. The pink plush octopus is adorable.