Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is an art installation covering a hill in the Colorado Dessert in Southern California. It was built in the 1970s by Leonard Knight. The Salvation Mountain is made from abode (a load of sand, clay, water, & natural things), straw and loads of paint which was donated by farmers and the people that visit. It's decorated with Christian sayings, quotes, murals, tons of flowers and a yellow brick road.

I am a very religious person and so is my family and I really want to visit this work of art in the near future with them! Because aside from the inspiring quotes, I think that the Salvation Mountain is an incredible living work of art and I love it to bits! I mean, if you can actually walk in that work of art, visit it and touch it with your bare hands, then it's undeniably amazing! Plus, the colors used is very girly, and girly stuff makes my heart dance.

The story of why and how the Salvation Mountain was made is heart-melting, for me at least, and if you're interested, I suggest you visit this

The photos are from pinterest and from the website i just mentioned above. :)

HAPPY EASTER guys!!! <3
God loves us. ^^)

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  1. such a pretty pictures!

  2. Happy Easter RaeAbigael, the wall looks amazing, what are really wonderful idea a:)

  3. Not a religious person, but this still is a great work of art! Would love to visit it someday too! :)

  4. woah, cool photos!! happy easter to you!