Check-out my URL dreamers!!!! it's! :3

On the night I purchased my own domain, the stars were brightly shining and the moon whispers beautiful words to my ears. My happiness can be compared to a lost little turtle finding its mommy turtle among the billions of turtles out in the sea. I.AM.JUST.SO.HAPPY! *squeals* 

I purchased a few nights ago but it was only just last night when I finally changed it. You can still access my blog through though and you'll be redirected to my new url. :)

Why .net? Truth be told, it took me a lot of thinking before finally getting .net instead of .com. I actually researched about it and thought that .net is more appropriate for my blog since this is a network rather than a commercial site. Plus, .net sounds pretty cool! hihi. I asked my mom too of what she likes best and she said .net so that's when I finally decided to go for it.

Anyway, thank you so much for all your words of encouragement in my last post. I highly appreciate them. Thank you! I will never give-up and I hope you guys will not too. :))

Have a great week everyone and God bless us all! :""">

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