DIY Flower Earrings

I’m a sucker for earrings --- I love wearing and making them! So today’s project is a 5-minute DIY which you can do while watching movies or while eating! :) It’s so easy and simple to make! Your ears will surely catch attention with these delicate and alluring earrings!


1.       Stud Earrings Base- You can buy this at your local crafts store.
2.       Artificial flowers (or plastic flowers) – the size would depend on you whether you want a small one like mine or a bigger one.
3.       Glue gun
4.       Embellishments –small round beads or whatever you want


1.       Stick the artificial flower into the stud base using a glue gun.

2.      Add a small round bead or any embellishments you prefer and stick it in the middle of the flower.

3.       Let it dry for a few seconds and you are done!

As easy as that! Hope you’ll have fun making yours!

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  1. Sooo sweeet! They are beautiful, as you my dear friend!! Congratulations!! <3

  2. Hey, those are really pretty!

  3. They're so cute!! I suck at anything DIY so I don't think I'd do a very good job of making them!! You are brill at it!


    1. awww. your words are so sweet! thanks! i think that if you'll just put your heart into it, you'll be able to make your own DIY projects as well! :)

  4. what a cute idea. i love how sweet and delicate they turned out!

  5. Your earrings are really gorgeous! :) I love the idea!


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