Worldbex 2013

Last March 13-17, 2013, the 18th Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition was held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. I went there with my mom on the last day. haha. :))

 It was my 2nd year to attend the said event. The entrance is free. You just have to register there. I believe that this is open to all --- students, designers, businessmen, homeowners, and the list goes on! haha.

Warning: Huge amount of photos after the cut!

 Anyway, things like this makes me very happy and inspired. It encourages me to study hard and reach my dreams!

 There were a lot of promos, discounts, etc. to encourage people. There were mascots and mimes too!

 love this chair!! :)

Very addicted to these wall panels!! :)

Took a break from all the walking! Haha. Because the place is really huuuuge!

Thanks for coming with me mommy! haha.

WHITE!!! :)

Ghost chair

SOFA!!! Very happy to see them there! :)

I got tons of swatches and brochures/ catalogs from different suppliers. Interior Design duty. hehe. I'll blog about these different suppliers soon! Those who were really nice and those whom I really love. haha. I bought design magazines for a lower price and discovered more design magazines! What I really love about Worldbex is that, I get to know more about the different products these suppliers offer plus I get to know more about the owners too --- if the world permits me. I hope you guys can visit worldbex next year! You'll surely love it.

P.S. I'll do a separate post for the Obra Maestra 2013 so please wait. Too much photos in this post already. haha.

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  1. Beautiful exposition and.. you and your mother are really cute :D <3 A big kiss my dear!

  2. How fun, you saw such cool stuff! And btw I love your skirt.

  3. Cool photos!


  4. Hope you had fun dear! and uuh mimes are a bit scary to me! >o<

    1. Honestly, i was frigthened with mimes, clowns and mascots when i was little! seriously scared the hell out of me! Fortunately, i had overcome that. :)

  5. Oh my god, someone who finds construction as fascinating as me! I feel like people think I'm weird when I say how much I love it.

  6. Such a cute outfit, and lovely photos You've got there! We have a great giveaway on our blog, come check it ;)

  7. you are so cute!
    thanks for coming to my blog~

  8. Wow! You took a lot of photos! I love the look of your skirt's hem and the lace blouse you wore to Worldbex 2013 (the 18th Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition) . I see there was a huge variety of modern designs featuring many very artistic themes and inspired systems. The stairs you were photographed on look nice but they really should have handrails for safety, especially for older people. I see there was artistry incorporated in the designs everywhere. The expo was like a wonderful and HUGE showroom! A lot of those wall panels and materials would be interesting alternatives to traditional tile, formica, paneling, drywall, and plaster. There are many nice decor ideas there. I like a number of the murals and the artwork hanging up. I also like the round glass table and I love those "ghost chairs" - I'm imagining sitting in one in my lingerie with near a floor to ceiling windows - speaking of lingerie, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog at! I really appreciate it. The floor to ceiling drapes in the photo titled "White!!!" have a nice look. I see there were some more traditional looks there (doors) as well as the modern ones. That was quite an exposition! :)

  9. nice post ☺
    i love your grey skirt


  10. Awesome stuff, I love the cool lights the most :)

  11. Hope you had fun! Love your look.

  12. Great interiors I must say! :)

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  13. Beautiful arts and crafts! :)


  14. this is such a cute skirt and nice event too!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'?