The clash of beach wear and formal wear

Formal clothes are not always meant for parties and events. Sometimes, they can be worn in places you don't expect people to wear like, in the beach!!! Feel and look your best by choosing comfortable pieces that will flatter your figure without being too formal and boring! With clothingloves, one can surely be the talk of the town!

Clothingloves offers great t shirt dress.
Any guy can look elegant and mysterious with these black and white pieces! These pieces have amazing details which will surely flatter one's beach body! Pair an unbuttoned t-shirt dress with a board shorts. Wear some sunnies and voila! Hottie Alert! =)

 But of course if worn formally, one would look mysterious.

I browsed their wholesale dresses and found these lovely pieces which has a double purpose! I think these pieces can be worn in a formal event when paired with the right stilettos, clutch, stockings, accessories, and the right make-up! But then again, when worn with flip-flops, tote bag, hat and sunnies, one will surely be a beach babe! :)

 White! White! White!
Nobody can ever go wrong with whites! Check-out clothingloves' wholesale mens shirt
for a wide range of designs! 

Because summer offers a heat that can make you sweat in every little move you do, it's best to wear cotton and light colors! Also, try to play around with your clothes to achieve a look you'll not expect like what I just did in this post for instance ---- Formal wear to Beach wear. :)

Hoooray! Few more sleeps to go and we'll say hello to summer!!!! :"D

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  1. Amazing! I love this dresses!! :D <3 Colours, models.. all really beautiful! Thanks a lot dear!! Have a great day :)

    1. I'm glad you loved this post! :) Do check them out ;D

  2. I'm checking the site out right now. Really cute clothes and cheap price. I agree, formal wear can be made so casually for the beach!

    1. awesome! I'm glad you checked them out! Yes, their items are very cheap which is great for students like us! ;D

  3. great dresses...especially mens ones ^^
    kiss and happy day doll

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  4. the yellow dress is beautiful, I like very much. nice post
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