Happy Easter!! :)

The world today is a gloriously beautiful bunny rabbit wonderland... perhaps something very similar to what is under the rabbit hole where no person in this world has ever stepped on but with the exception of myself because I've been there many times before in my dreams!~

I love Easter Sunday because the world suddenly becomes very cute with all these Easter eggs, clues, and so much more! It's like the world is becoming a playground for the grown-ups once more. But the real reason why I love this special day is because the Lord loves us! He died on the cross to save us and he resurrected! =))

By the way, here are some of my acquisitions for the past three months! I was planning to do a blog post about them but it seems like I just can't find the right time. So I'll just do it now. I also bought pretty notebooks that are now part of my collection. I'll show you my notebook collection really soon! :"""3

 Again, Happy Easter guys!! Enjoy this day and yes, helllloooooooo summer! Well, to my part of the world I guess. hehe~

P.S. I've been fixing my buttons (pages) up there ---- below my header. You can go click-click-clickin if you like. And do notice my tweaked side bar and as well as the ask box. Yes, i finally created an ask.fm and you can go ask me! :"3 Have a great day! ^^)

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    Note > In case you got this comment and not the 1st one I posted, it may mean my comments (and some other bloggers') appear in the Blogger Spam folder. Too bad :( It's because I leave my links (and a few others I guess) on my signature.

    To get our comments, please go to Blogger > Comments > Spam and then "approve" so our comments will display. Sorry for the hassle. I just figured this out when I checked mine and saw a number of Blogger comments on SPAM and I had to approve them before appearing on my blog.

    Thanks dear! :)

    1. I constantly check my spam folder and yes ate Chai, your comments are always there so yeah, I approve them naman. hehe :/

  2. you are very pretty.
    happy eater to you too.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  3. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    Happy Easter to you too. I live the blue bear water bottle :)

  4. Happy easter!!! Kiss Kiss



  5. I LOVE your big pink bunny ears!!! What a lovely and interesting assortment of colourful and pretty treasures you've acquired and posted in the sixteen photos at the top of this post !!! I love the pretty jewelry, the bow(s), the beautiful clothes in the photo on the lower left (perfect colours for Easter) and the cute kitty in the photo on the lower right. I hope you've been having a wonderful Easter weekend!


  6. Happy (late) Easter! ☆
    I hope you had a lovely time!

  7. Happy Easter Rae! btw, you got cute rings! :)


  8. Happy Easter Rae! Yes the very essence of Easter is that Christ resurrected from death and because of that, we are freed from eternal death too. :)


    1. exactly!! and I hope everyone sees that too! God Bless Ile! :">