Now Open: Milky Meadow

For the past months, I've been quarreling with myself whether I should open an online shop or not. I guess this is because of the past instances I experienced. :( But doing nothing (but not really nothing) for almost a year now, I've come to realize that I should just do it and cross something off from my bucket list! So, welcome to Milky Meadow darlings and Happy Valentine's Day! :D

Actually, it took me so much time in thinking about the name. Being an ambitious girl, I know that this "online shop" would soon be a real shop and I want the name to be something unique yet easy to remember, very me, and something that I would want to see in different places in the future!

Why Milky Meadow? Honestly, I just like the way it sounded. haha. :) I originally want this shop to be called "Tippy Toes" because one of my schoolmates in high school called me "Ate Tippy Toes" when he was encouraging me because I lost a competition. Unfortunately, the name was already taken by a shoe shop and I don't want mine to be the same. So that's when I came up with "Milky Meadow" instead.

Obviously, the "meadow" came from the Hunger Games (remember Rue's lullaby?) I'm also a forest girl at heart so that fits perfectly.

Now, let me tell you a little something about my shop:

Milky Meadow is your one-stop online shop of hand-painted and handmade goodies. It offers vintage, dreamy, and forest-life fashion pieces, stationery, paper goods, and anything in between! The shop also accepts custom-made designs and is also open in illustrating blog headers, book illustrations, stationery illustrations, conceptual pieces, etc.!

I'm not yet ready to ship internationally but I'm considering it in the future. :) The illustrations and graphic designs are open internationally though so please support my shop everyone! hihi. :">

Like Milky Meadow on facebook! Just uploaded 3 albums today! :)

P.S. International giveaway tomorrow! :))

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  1. Cute goodies! I wish you luck in this new venture of yours! :)


  2. Super cute, great job, dear. Good-luck to your store.

  3. I think it's a wonderful idea and kuddos to your for making it happen. It's a small step, towards something bigger, very glad you did ^_^

  4. so creative! wish you good luck! <3

    Just followed your fabulous blog! Hope you drop by and follow mine too.... :)

  5. Congrats doll, that is so cool! Good luck with your store. I have one too & also a photography site I'm finishing up as well!! I think it's a great thing to do this!! I wish you lots of success :) xx

  6. congrats sis! :) i hope your shop will have all great graces! :)


  7. hey! thank you for lovely comment and following me! Im following back! kisses! <3

  8. This is really cool my dear! I wish you good luck for this Milky Meadow shop! All the best! :)

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