2012 OOTDs + Best Moments

I used to be that "girl who repeats her favorite clothes over and over, and ignore the other pieces she has". I also used to hate dressing up and putting make-up on my face unless I either have a ballet recital or I have to attend parties. In short, I used to be the "jeans, shirt and cap" girl --- never tried wearing shorts in public, nor high socks and neckties. But it all changed last 2012, when I've decided to blog full time. Honestly, it was only last year that I've tried to dress up who I really am and it was so fun even if my style is not normally seen on the roads of my country! I'm still in the process of finding my style so I mix and match as seen in the above photos. :)

Anyway, I know I'm 19 days late for doing this "year-ender post" but I just want to do it and reminisce on my 2012 despite the sad moments I experienced. So, alrightyyy, here I go:

JANUARY: Praise and Fashion Model, Performed at West B's C.O.O.L., David Archuleta's 4th return to the Philippines, Liveloud Concert, Velada Tomasina, Served at the QMass, and met lots of friends!

 So, I started my year by being busy with my acads, and my extra-curricular. I almost backed-out in being a model because I'd dance at West B's event the following day! Fortunately, I didn't and gave "modelling" a shot so voila! I became super active in YFC since then and met so many friends! My 'kaartehan' started the year. :)

Definitely the most tiring yet the best month of my entire life! AAAHHH!! Early valentine's day for me because cupid struck David an arrow because I made him kilig during my dance! hihi. I guess my February 2012 was all about dance and performing. :)

MARCH: Ola Bayle 6 Dance Competition, YFC Got Talent, performed 3 genres of dance at the CYR Night, Worldbex and release of grades

My dancing skills were put to the extreme this month! I danced Tango, Waltz, Ballet, Hiphop, contemporary, and interpretative! And I was surprised on how my grade turned out! I got a 1.82 semestral average despite the fact that I've been dancing the whole sem! =)

APRIL: Eat-all-you-can family lunch, HP Book Marathon, Hunger Games, and danced at my friends's debut party!

MAY: Swimming, Cavite Vacation, and Tagaytay Vacation

JUNE: Azkals Matches, My JPop cousin's homecoming, and Tagaytay Trip

JULY: Turned 19, blog got sponsors, Adobe Photoshop Training, Correl draw and silkscreen training, and Met Charlotte Brown (Interior Designer and Author)

AUGUST: Tumblr Fair, Met bloggers

SEPTEMBER: My photoshoot with UST students, opened the Trishie Couture Grand Launching, and Bloom Arts Festival

OCTOBER: Japanese Food, Cavite Vacation, and Halloween

NOVEMBER: Tagaytay Overnight, Miss Silka Philippines 2012, Archudate and my UST visit after 6 months

DECEMBER: Christmas Shopping, Realway Youthcamp, DEFY Christmas Fellowship, Christmas, and Bar-Hopping at the Fort

Writing this, I realized how I enjoyed torturing myself through activities! And I can't believe that how in the world I managed to dance almost everyday and still do good in school!!! Unbelievable!  Well, I guess if you really want something, you'll find a way.

My 2012 was amazing! Not how I expected it to be because of the twists and turns but I guess this year was like my wake up call. I became much stronger (no more crying at night), and I became a better person too! My faith became stronger and I seriously realized a lot of things in life. I guess this was God's way of making me strong. :)

Thank you so much to all my loved ones and new pals who kept me fighting for my life. To my readers, thanks for supporting me and for continuously reading my blog. To my sponsors, thanks a lot for trusting me! And to everyone who became a part of my 2012 ---- huge or small, a big thank youuuu! I'll make 2013 my best so far so I hope you'll still be part of it! :">

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  2. Wow love that outfit coordinates and compilation!! You look fab when you dress up. P.S. I love dancing too!

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog! Would you like to follow each other to keep in touch? I'm following you on GFC now!

    Kisses from Singapore
    ♡ Jaslin from http://justjaslin.blogspot.sg/

    1. awwww. thank you so much! I'm so happy that you like my style!! I'm also glad that you dance too! :))

  3. Very cute! you give me inspiration on doing some blog post. It's good you're blogging full time na. me kasi hndi kaya ng schedule. ;)
    God Bless!


    1. awww. thank you so much dear! :"> try mo mag-blog every free time mo! mejo nakaka-adik na rin kasi to share to the world! haha. God Bless! :))

  4. Lots of wonderful memories, so nice!! Loved all these pictures. Happy Monday xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  5. Really nice collage Rae! :) I hope one day I can watch you dance on stage too. :)

    ★♡ Missin' My Outfit Posts? (^_^) ♡★
    Outfit Post: BAdA$$ Rocker Chic
    Chic, Rockstar, Edgy Party Look!

    ❤ ~Chai

    1. awww. thank you so much ate chai! :) you're so sweet! i wish you could see me dance too! hihi. i'll try to invite you soon! :) actually, i have a performance on Friday, sa UST lang. yfc-ust's ministries concert. hehe~

  6. your collages of ootd pictures are soooo cool!
    definitely liked the pic where you worn an aquamarine blue pants! and.....
    OMG! you're so lucky to be dancing in the front od David A. and Jasmine C.S.!!! kainggit!!!! ;((( hehe....


    1. ayyy! hihi. my outfit wearing the aquamarine blue pants is one of my favorites as well! hehe. and. weeeee. sobrang kinilig talaga ako kay david nun! napaka-fan girl ko kasi eh. haha :D

  7. seems like you had a great 2012

  8. great post dear! maybe we could follow each other?! It would be a pleasure for me :)


  9. you looks so much fun in your life =)
    great 2012 dear !!
    very cute and sweet blog.. ^^

    visit my fashion blog sometimes..