DIY Lace Headband

Laces can make a person elegant and lovely.
This project is a quick and easy way to transform an ordinary plastic headband into a delicate statement headpiece---- using lace, of course!

What you'll need:
-Plastic Headband (I used a 1-inch wide headband)
-Glue gun
- Tape Measure (optional)

How to do it:
 1. Measure how long the headband is because this will determine how much lace you'll be using. Use a tape measure or just use the lace itself, then cut.
2. With your glue gun, stick the measure and cut lace to the headband and you're done!

Very easy to do! You can add other embellishments like ribbons, flowers, etc. if you like. I only used white and black lace and made a simple one because I'm planning to use this in school. :)

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