DESIGN TIPS: Mori Girl- Inspired Room

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Updated as of 9/2/2014

Have you ever dreamed of slowing down time so you could enjoy the lush of the beauty of the world but you can't because you're living in the middle of the city with horns blowing, people screaming, and moving so fast? Well, why don't you isolate yourself and make your home (or room) lie deep in the forest...and near the roots of the mountain? And just like mori girls, you too can live in the peaceful forest by following these design tips:

1. Mori Girls love deep-earth colors like Bordeaux (Burgundy), dark green, dark blue, and brown. Use these colors as accents in your space! ---- curtains, area , rugs, throw pillows, table cloth, slip-ons, lamp shades, Tassels, etc.!

2. They find old items charming. Dig in inside your grandparents' old stuff and look for vintage and antique items that you can use. They don't have to be huge because small items are lovely to display too.

Consider the following:
- Soda Cans
- Containers
- Old clothes (those with polka dots, checkered, and floral which you can revamp or use as fabrics for making home accessories)
-old books

3. They love pocket watches so ditch the wall clock and hang pocket watches! This will really put a forest-ambiance in your space because this  will make you rely on the sun for the time.

4. They love animal motifs. You can use animal prints as accents but don't use too much. The best way to show animals motifs would be through stuffed toys! Use hairy and fluffy ones!

Please use fake ones. please. :(

5. They love candy and sweet motifs so jar those sweets then display!

6. Mori Girls love laces! Use lace as much as possible in your room ---- bed covers, pillows, table cloth, etc. You can use lace as strings for hanging stuff too!

7. They love fairy tales. Print out photos of your favorite fairy tale and stick them on a corner of your room or on any all in the house you like. Be creative!

8. Mori Girls are collectors. Whatever collections you have, display them.

9. They feel happy whenever they find cute books at bookstores. Display your books by stacking and piling them instead of placing them in bookcases.

10.They love handmade stuff. So as much as possible, make your home accessories or make sure that they're handmade! :)

*Combine Whites and pastels with natural wood furniture to achieve a perfect Mori-inspired Room!
*Display items from nature such as leaves, stems, flowers, tree trunk parts, rocks, sea shells, etc.!

*click the photo for the source :))

I hope these mori girl-inspired room design tips helped and gave you ideas! I'm not an expert (yet) and these are just my ideas and what I will do if I'll design a space done in this style.

Have fun living in the forest dreamers! :">

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  1. Replies
    1. Hooray! I'm glad I inspired you in some point. mehe~

  2. Very pretty<3 the first couple looks like the room from Arriety~ Love it! & I do wish I could- life would be less stressful but, oh well~


    1. I have no idea what Arriety is but still, I'm glad it looks like from there. haha :)) Awww. I wish to live a life like this too. even for just a little while :"3

  3. Such a lovely inspirational post and I thank you!!! I am constant in need of inspiration :)

    1. Hello Ang! :"> I am so glad to inspire you through this post! :"3 You're very welcome :D

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    1. I love it too! It's a lovely way to say goodbye to stress :D

  5. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for showing us those pictures. I think I'm going to get some stuff like this.


    1. YIPEE! :))) It's my honor to post this. I'm in love with the forest so I'm really glad you'll get some stuff like this. woohoo! ~ :"">

  6. Love the pics.. Nice ideas =)

    Kiss Kiss,

  7. Those photos are so inspiring! <3 Very dainty and girly.

    Armed With Style

  8. the dresses and the bedroom! I LIKE! :)

  9. Aww great inspiration!!! :)

  10. Hello, very nice a page, photos wonderfull, thanks,

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