The Ballerina on Pink Fire

For my new followers and readers, I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games that's why I labeled myself as 
"The Ballerina on Fire" in reference to Katniss Everdeen as 'The Girl on Fire'.
Oh, and I just finished watching The Hunger Games for the nth time today. hahaha

So anyway,during our short summer stay in Tagaytay, I was able to do this shoot at the village's basketball court. I really fancy these photos because of the forest-like setting which makes me remember Hunger Games (I hope you too).

If I'm wearing a red tutu and I have my bow and arrow, then I think I should be Katniss Everdeen.. or her alter ego or something.haha! =)

Congratulations to Marja Elana Guinoo for winning my first ever blog give-away! woooohooo! :D
Please wait for my email on how to claim your prizes dear! Congrats again! :) Sorry it took me so long to pick a winner, I've been busy. Thanks to all the pretty ladies who joined! God Bless! Ü

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  1. omg, how you do it?
    i have never been ballerina!

    best wishes :)

  2. You're so talented! I have ballerina shoes too, but they're just for decoration - I don't know how to dance.

    Thank you for the comment! Do stop by anytime again, that would be lovely.

    Indie by heart

  3. wow..i wish i could stand on my toes like that..thanks for the comment on my blog..sure, i would love for us to follow each other..following you now. take care

  4. lOVELY!!!

  5. So beautiful!
    Of course I'd like to follow each other, I'm already following! Hope you can follow back soon.

    Mix & Match

  6. Great photos.

  7. I think every girl dreams of being a ballerina and wow you are so elegant and graceful! thanks a bunch for the comment as im now following yours!

    rebecca x