We Found Love.

on the stage rockin' last February 3, 2012 with the YFC Dance Ministry =)))

SRO NIGHT WAS SO FUN! :) SRO means Student Religious Organizations. It was my first time to attend this 'cause i didn't come last year which i now regret. haha.

and here's a video of our performance! :))


Dancing is my passion.

YFC - UST Dance Ministry, I love you. Ü

details of my outfit: Pink Shorts, Long sleeves polo shirt, purple tank top, pink neck tie, and ballers

so after performing, i headed straight to Richmonde Hotel to meet the Talentadong Pinoy Archies to rehearse 'cause we'll perform in front of David Archuleta tomorrow Afternoon! :">

here are the preview photos for my next blog. haha:

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