Take Me to Wonderland.

Take Me to Wonderland. *like a boss* will yah? please? please? please? 
hahaha. k. i'm just procrastinating actually. ugh.

so many things to do, so little time.

i don't know how i'll manage my time. :\ i only have this day, Sunday, to:

1.Finish Rendering my American Colonial Inspired Living Room.
2. Start and Finish my Reflected Ceiling Plan for the Sweet Caroline Cafe (due tomorrow at 8am)
3. Sketch and Paint the Spanish Renaissance Accessories, Furniture and Ornaments for HID.
4. Start rendering the American Victorian-inspired Living Room.
5. Compute the flooring of my cafe for MMR2.
6. dance practice for ola bayle at Marikina. (yes. that far) o_O

ohmgeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. should i start crying now?

naaaahhhh. oi'll joist goowf ohf ahn ohnjoy dah streoss *i just spoke in my British accent in case you didn't know. hahaha*

heh. told you i was procrastinating. :) now time to get serious. chao!~

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