HAIKYUU!! Anime Shirt


Okay, hi everyone! So my blog posts and my Instagram posts are still not yet in sync. I'm trying my very best. haha. So here I am with another outfit post that my other social media accounts had seen first. Instagram post here and here. Please follow me elsewhere (see my sidebar). hehe.

I honestly hate volleyball. Never liked it as a kid, dreaded it in college as my PE, and up to now I still don’t like playing it. BUT I DO LOVE WATCHING HAIKYUU!! and I love watching them play volleyball that I started to love the sport. Ganda ng anime, super! However, I will still not play it though 😂

Also, we got this shirt even before I started watching the anime. The shirt made me watch it! 🏐💕

If you still can't tell from these photos, I had so much fun shooting this! I, indeed, exerted more effort than from my past shoots but I enjoyed so much especially because I have a crush on all the members of the Karasuno Team! hahaha. I can't choose just one or two from them. I mean, who can?!

Also, I am already in Season 3 of Haikyuu!!

Oh by the way, I have a tiktok account now. lol. But I just post random stuff there.


Haikyuu!! Anime Shirt - gifted, from Japan
Pants - Uniqlo
White Chunky Shoes - H&M

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  1. Both the coordinated colours and contrast in the look you styled look fabulous!
    The colours of the highlights in your hair coordinate very nicely with the Uniqlo trousers and the skew-lines on the contrasting black Haikyuu!! Anime Shirt. It's an artistically styled OOTD,
    and the anime images collage backdrop for your outfit photos is great!
    P.S.: I also love your profile photo! You have wonderful fashion taste!!!

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  2. I love your outfit! you look amazing!

  3. This is a great t-shirt and I love how you styled it. You look great! It's been a while since I watched any anime. I remember playing volleyball many years ago, I can't say that I was especially good at it. I was better at other sports.

  4. Your anime outfit has a good color combination that fits the type of shoes you wear.<3