How To Make Working From Home More Comfortable

In the era of working from home being the new normal, you may be looking for ways to improve your setup. Whether you want some desk inspiration or want your space to be more motivating, here are some top tips.

Make use of the air and light

When working from home, you may feel demotivated. This could be because of poor lighting or lack of air. You should position yourself in front of a natural light, by a window is best. Then, you should open the windows. Or if it’s too cold for that, you can regulate the temperature with a cooling unit. You may have had your unit off for the winter, so an air conditioning repair may be in order to ensure it is working efficiently. Good lighting is essential when you are working from home, so if you lack natural lighting then a bright lamp or ceiling light may be useful. 

Have a dedicated workspace

The first and foremost thing is finding a suitable place which should be spacious to arrange things that are air free ventilators and clean, to put things in order, and to make sure that the floor and ceiling of the room is dust-free. The workplace you selected should be homely for work from home so try to remove the existing home furniture from that area to avoid distraction from the task. Purchase a homely desk and ergonomic chair to prevent back pain and to work in a healthy environment since you'll be working for hours. Noise-free and outside door room enhances your workspace and makes it more pleasant. Sometimes, noise reduces your concentration while on duty. So when choosing a workspace, keep these things in mind.

Set a schedule

Planning your work properly in a day is the habit of a good worker, so start your every day by making an irreversible plan before starting a given task. Prepare what activities and targets you should complete by the end of the day and write them on a whiteboard in your room. Break down the time slots and your specific projects for the day and allot which time and which works you have to do, according to your goals and work assignments. As much as possible, do not change your schedule in the middle of the day until sunset because if you change the plan sheet, most likely, you will have to postpone work and additionally it adds one more day for your object deadline.

Get dressed

You may feel like you want to get out of bed and immediately start work. But before you begin, you should first drink coffee or tea, eat breakfast, or at least get dressed. You need to create a healthy work-life balance and getting dressed will encourage that. 

Create a work-life balance from home

Speaking of a work-life balance, it is important that you create this at home. It can be easy to get caught in a cycle of continuing to work past your hours and letting the day slip away from you before you have had any social interaction. After completion of work, to relieve you from work strain, spend time with your family and kids or pets (if you have). Talk to your kids and play fun games with them. Go to the kitchen, ask your wife, what she is doing and taste the dishes that she made. Share a task with your family and cut tree branches or remove the weeds in the grass field area, prepare coffee, serve food to your mother or kid. There are lots of different ways to spend with your family, you just have to make time. Another way to free yourself from work from home while staying at home is you can talk to your parents or you can call your friends who you missed during work.

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  1. thanks for sharing. I am working from home for a year now and have a lack of physical activity. It is so important to have different locations in your flat/house and change your position. Sometimes during a day I can go outside and go to supermarket, just to change something in my working routine.

    P.S. I am your new GFC follower :) Lets be friends :)