I Painted my High-Waist Pants!


Hi, there! I am so excited to share this set of photos because this is probably my favorite ensemble I put together so far! (Probably because I painted my pants. lol.) Nonetheless, I got a new phone so more outfit shoots for me from now on! :)

If you're a long-time reader or you've been here for quite some time now, you're probably aware that I like painting on a lot of things. You know, like my closet, my shoes, my shirts, my pillowcases, my chair... and a whole lot more... you get the idea. So, adding up to that list are these pants I thrifted online from long ago. And since we're still on quarantine here in the Philippines, I finally got the time to paint on them. I shared a few clips of me working on this pants on my first ever Studio Vlog but I'll probably do a separate vlog on this. Truth be told, I was going to let go of these pants because they are two sizes bigger on me. I am usually an XS or S but this one is M (size 28). Then I tried it on and figured, I can make this work! So here you go.


White Cropped Top - Thrifted on Carousell
Blazer - Hand-me-down from my cousin
High-waist Pants - Thrfited then I painted on it

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  1. I love your artwork!!! You are extremely talented!
    I also love the outfit you styled with those amazing painted jeans!
    That ribbed white crop-top and black blazer complement the pants beautifully.
    Your hair looks pretty.
    Fashiontastic outfit - I love it!

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    1. awwww. as always, thank you so so so much for appreciating this look (and my hair. hehe)! thank you!

  2. You did a great job with painting these jeans. Now they are a work of art. You look great in this combo.
    I also like to paint on clothes and do it fairly often.

    1. thank you so much, ivana! love love to explore other materials to paint on =)

  3. It looks super trendy like something high street brands would have. Maybe you wanna check out my latest post

  4. What a great idea and you are very good!
    Hi, would you like to follow each other?

  5. Those are cool, Rae. Very creative. : )

    I hope you have happy and healthy November days.


  6. Thanks for the share. This pant is perfect. I love it.

  7. Thanks for the share. This pant is perfect. I love it.
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  8. This looks so fantastic! Thank you for sharing!