ON 35MM FILM // Minalungao, Nueva Ecija (Philippines)

Hello, stranger! Analog photography is something I enjoy doing as a hobby. Call me "living in the wrong era" but I really do enjoy taking photos with my film camera.

Story time: When I was younger, I was really happy when my mom allowed me and gave me the liberty to use their (my parents') point and shoot camera during field trips. I also used to buy my own films with my allowance money so I could use the camera. Since then, I really dreamed of acquiring my own film camera. And then lo and behold, the digital cameras were born. But even so, the dream was still on top of my brain. And then I started earning from my blog (I was in college) so I bought my first ever film camera, a 3-lens robot camera, and then I learned about the magnificent street of "Hidalgo" in Quiapo, Manila. Since then, my love for Analog photography grew stronger and stronger even up to this day.

Having said that, last year, I acquired a Pentax Spotmatic Camera which I added in my ever growing collection of film cameras! I brought it with me when we went to Minalungao, Nueva Ecija. And because I never really have mastered this type of camera (because you know, I'm just a point and shoot kind of lady), film photos taken that day were not a success. haha. But for your viewing pleasure and for my documentation purposes, here are some of the fail shots from the roll. I swear, everything was blurred except for one frame I think. lol.

this shot was my ultimate favorite. missing my pink hair tho

the only decent photo I took

this isn't from Minalungao but from our Subic trip. However, they are from the same roll and somehow, everything was gone and only 4 shots from that trip turned up so including this one here na lang.

Honestly, I think they look beautiful though. They came out artistically enough even though we didn't intend to do so. Also, will try to publish a Minalungao, Nueva Ecija travel guide since we are still on quarantine here in the Philippines. 9 months and counting. :( Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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