Pink Jumpsuit

Alright, so again, I've been neglecting this blog for months and months now. Thank you so much for still supporting my little space in the world wide web and for your patience. I'm back from my somehow hiatus (hopefully. lol) and I will try to post a bunch of outfits from my Instagram account. Because I've been more active there than here so really, that's where I've been posting my outfits for quite some time now. You can click here to see my post on this fit.

Anyhoo, here we go. This was my outfit last November 2019, during my business club's chapter launching. Yes you guys, I joined a business club since August 2019. And our chapter finally launched! That's what's been keeping me busy aside from work. Basically, I've been managing my own business and design services, hence, I haven't been blogging (but I'm always instagramming). Forgive me, you guys. hehe. So I guess, for the coming weeks (?) I will be posting a lot of past outfits. 

Now to talk about my pink jumpsuit... It's neoprene that's why I really love it. I bought it from Carousell so it's pre-loved (you can buy my pre-loved stuff too). Hopefully, we all can try to be sustainable when it comes to fashion. I'm not 100% sustainable but I try to do it if I can.

This jumpsuit is like, so pretty and lovely but definitely not toilet friendly. haha!

I hope you're all doing okay during this time. Please take care of yourselves and of your mental health! Keep safe!


Pink Jumpsuit - Carousell
Blazer - Thrifted
Handbag - from Japan
Shoes - Zalora

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