Oxgn Men's Jacket

Here's the outfit I wore when I attended Scout Creative's Talks last October 2019. I saw it as a chance to wear this Men's Jacket from Oxgn that I really love!

Like, fun fact, I bought this jacket for myself and I didn't just borrow this from my brothers. haha. I really think that me acquiring this piece is like meant to be. Because I first saw this on the racks when I was shopping for other things in Oxgn. I didn't buy it then. And then when I went back shopping again few days (or weeks) later, and then I saw it and it was the last piece in that specific branch. Seeing it being the last piece, I've decided to just buy it since I really love it anyway. Upon check-out, to my surprise, it was on sale! I was so happy honestly haha.

I paired this jacket up with my button down knee-length skirt from Guess, a thrifted crop top, and my chunky daddy sneakers from Rubi Shoes.

The event was amazing especially because I attended it with my best friend. I love all the speakers! It was a day filled with learning and inspiration and motivation. I hope they host another one soon, once we're allowed to safely go out and hold big events.


Jacket - Oxgn
Button Down Skirt - Guess
Crop Top - Thrifted
Chunky Daddy Sneakers - Rubi Shoes
Bag - H&M

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  1. Hi Rae :D
    I loved the cool look and I loved your blog so much, I will follow ♡


  2. totally love this jacket! you look so stylish
    style frontier

  3. Such a stylish look! I love your skirt and jacket!