COVID-19: my initial thoughts and how I'm coping with the situation

Day 39 of quarantine.

In all honesty, I'm having a difficult time now keeping up with my anxiety. The first weeks were fine, especially bec I already work from home. But as the 4th and 5th weeks progresses, it was just so difficult to be [ normal ]. I try to take care of my mental health by not watching news and staying away from facebook and twitter. Socializing online became a burden at some point as well. I needed to do video calls and meetings even though I didn't want to. Right now, I still take time replying to messages and chats but I'm doing better. I still can't create for my own sake but I sketchup and get work done. So much for a functioning anxious ambivert. Tuffy, Netflix, and The Holy Spirit keep me sane.

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I wrote this 4 weeks ago. As of the moment, I am okay.. feeling much better and I was able to create again. I drew a bunch of pieces which I'll probably share on Instagram soon. I'm reading books (finally during this quarantine period). And I'm cleaning my room! So happy to use a vacuum cleaner... vacuuming all my worries away (lol kidding) but it was fun.

From time to time I try to be productive when it comes to work. But it's scary to not know what is ahead of us once we get through this. It's scarier if you don't work for anyone because you're not sure if there's going to be new work / projects for you. Right now, I'm just grateful that I still have on-going design projects amidst all of this. But I guess, we all just have to believe that everything's going to be fine eventually. And believe that there is no other way but to keep on moving forward.

My only contribution right now is staying at home (I haven't gotten out since the first day of the quarantine/lockdown period), sharing and participating in donation drives, and praying with my family every single day.

I hope you guys are well, healthy, and safe. I'm just popping in to say that it's alright if you haven't done anything at all. It's alright if you feel like you're not productive. Do whatever you feel best for you and take care of yourself. Stay at home and take care of yourself. Keep safe!

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  1. Take care and take one day at a time. Stay strong.

  2. These are scary times. Although I do look at news sites individually, I rarely watch television 'news'. It seems they mostly report the same police, fire and ambulance based stories and mindlessly repeat whatever politicians say.
    I too love watching NetFlix. I am lucky I am a recluse by nature.
    I think your artwork, fashion, interior designs are fabulous.
    You look young and beautiful lying on the bed in the photo above.
    It's good to read that you managing to carry on while trying your best to stay well healthy and safe.
    Virtual hugs and my best wishes xx <3 :-)

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  3. I'm glad you're feeling better. This is an unsettling time for us right now. It's good that you limit yourself with internet, news, facebook, etc. I feel better when I vacuum too haha.

    Hang in there, Rae, and stay well.